Today, a blood pressure monitor is a standard home healthcare instrument—many blood pressure monitors are available in the market with different designs and features. Many brands offer different BP machines at different competitive price points.

But there’s a chance that many of these monitors need to be clinically validated. Today, in this blog, you will know why clinically validated blood pressure is vital.

What is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor?

A clinically validated blood pressure monitor can be a traditional or advanced Wi-Fi or Bluetooth BP monitor, but it is validated in standard measurement. Generally, experts test it in a standard measurement to ensure flawless results.

A blood pressure monitor with a clinically validated certification is essential because it directly relates to your health. A few years back, clinically validated blood pressure monitor was only available in medical clinics. But nowadays, many clinically validated home blood pressure monitors are available in the market.

How do I know if my blood pressure monitor is validated?

You can ensure the product is clinically validated or not in many ways. Check out the product description from the official website; there must be an indication if the product is validated. Try to find out any logo or certification clearance on the product box.  

Also, another way to identify clinically validated products will be logos of the British Hypertension Society (BHS) or Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

How to choose the right clinically validated blood pressure monitors for home

As you know, the competition in the technology world is increasing daily; the same is happening in healthcare instruments. So many brands are available in the market with competitive prices, and choosing the right one is quite challenging.

One needs to be very careful while choosing a product nowadays. You need some good research, and you’re good to go. But to save you time, we will tell you some crucial strategies to choose the right clinically validated blood pressure monitor for home.

  • First, choose your desired BP monitor; you have two options: manual and automatic. Just decide on one according to your ease.
  • Then, look into the product to see if it has any clinically validated certification. If you don’t find it, ask customer care or check on the official website for validation.
  • To be more confident, you can check the product reviews from a trusted source and ensure that the product produces accurate results consistently with clinically validated standards.
  • Check the cuff size; you should go for the perfect match; otherwise, it can worsen the experience, though the product is accurate.
  • Try to choose a BP monitor with a good ecosystem. Easy to use product will save your time and make the experience smoother.
  • The monitor should have a memory to record the readings, or you can use an advanced clinically validated blood pressure monitor with a smart BP application.
  • Save money while purchasing; you can easily find good clinically validated blood pressure monitors for your home within your budget and requirements.
  • Lastly, it is always better to discuss with a medical expert before purchasing any healthcare product; they can recommend you according to your health history.

Difference between a clinically validated smart blood pressure monitor and a traditional blood pressure monitor

Clinically validated smart blood pressure monitor Traditional blood pressure monitor
It is a clinically validated product tested in a standard measurement by medical experts.It needs to be officially certified or validated.
It ensures the most accurate results and can do it consistently.It can also produce accurate results but less than certified ones.
It is expensive because a lot of money went into the testing period for the certification.It is less expensive than the smart one.
Generally, it can store readings and needs a proper setup.It needs a setup to use.
Generally, it is compact and lightweight.Depending on the brands, this version of BP monitors may feel bulkier in weight and more prominent in size.
One needs to understand all the functions and how to use them before taking readings.Generally, the functions are simple to understand.
It depends on batteries, so it needs regular maintenance and calibration.Usually, it doesn’t need frequent maintenance but time-to-time calibration is required

Best clinically validated blood pressure monitor for home

As discussed, here are some vital strategies for choosing the right clinically validated blood pressure monitors. Following these strategies, you can select the right product according to your needs.

But if you still need clarification on choosing the right clinically validated blood pressure monitor, then you may trust us. The Hingmed Q06B automatic digital blood pressure monitor is one of the best available.


The Hingmed Q06B is an automatic digital blood pressure monitor that is clinically validated. It is a certified device that is tested in a standard measurement.

This is a product of HINGMED, a well-known healthcare product manufacturer. Wirelessly, a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor can be operated with a smart BP app.


It is a compact device that enables users to carry it easily from one place to another. It comes with an intelli wrap upper arm cuff, starting from 17 cm and having a maximum of 41 cm. A crystal-clear display ensures accurate systolic, diastolic, and rate readings visibility.

It measures with the Oscillometric method, and the reading range is 0-289 mmHg. The systolic one is 40-260 mmHg, the diastolic one is 20-210 mmHg, and the plus rate range is 40-220 bpm.

A 3.7V lithium-ion battery powers the whole device. One can operate this product with a minimum of 5°C and a maximum of 40°C, and the relative humidity should be between 10%-95%. On the contrary, this product can be stored between -20°C and 55°C. Depending on usage, this product can serve at least five years or more.

Why you should buy it?

Try it once if you are looking for a clinically validated blood pressure monitor for your home at a reasonable price and valuable features. Not only is it clinically validated certification, but it also offers a wireless experience. Overall, from our point of view and expert opinion, it is an easy pick product.

Why should you choose a clinically validated blood pressure monitor?

  • It ensures accurate readings, which is essential because, with inaccurate results, you can’t find out the blood pressure stage.
  • Medical professionals recommend this version.
  • There is no chance of a false report, and it gives inner peace while measuring for its accuracy output.
  • It can generate readings within a moment, which saves time.
  • It will ensure that you take proper medication as the results are accurate.
  • The good thing is this version of the BP monitor can produce accurate results consistently.
  • This product is generally powered by a lithium-ion battery, reducing wires’ hassles.
  • Clinically validated blood pressure monitor is less available than traditional blood pressure monitor.
  • Generally, it is more expensive than a standard blood pressure monitor because of its certification.


Those suffering from severe hypertension or hypotension must keep a clinically validated blood pressure monitor as a daily driver. Because it is essential to get accurate readings; otherwise, it may lead to severe cardiovascular disease.

Medical professionals suggest medications according to the data of BP monitors. Generally, in the clinic, all the BP monitors are clinically validated. But nowadays, clinically validated blood pressure monitors for home are available.