For hypertension people, monitoring blood pressure at home is very important, especially for
people with white-coat hypertension or very unstable blood pressure.
1) Finding normal blood pressure reading on time, preventing potential health risks.
2) Tracking your treatment and medication effect. by monitoring blood pressure regularly.
3) Good prediction of future cardiovascular risk.
4) It was found by a study that the well-controlled blood pressure levels for patients who
regularly monitored their blood pressure were 4 times more likely than those who didn’t
monitor blood pressure regularly.

How to monitor blood pressure at home?
Hingmed Q06B is a reliable smart home blood pressure monitor with CE certification,

providing accurate readings of systolic, diastolic, and pulse rates.

It can transfer your BP readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth and save them there,

allowing you to easily access your results and monitor your blood pressure at any time,

any place.

1) Wear the cuff correctly.
Wear the BP monitor directly on the upper arm, and ensure the lower edge of the cuff is

2-3cm away from the elbow joint. The cuff can be rotated around the upper arm and

worn at any position. It is not recommended to wear thick clothes inside the cuff.

2) Maintain the correct measurement posture.
Put the arm on the table, keep the body balance and quietly, press the button to start

a blood pressure measurement. Keeping quiet can help to get a more precise blood

pressure & heart rate reading, and avoid measurement errors.

3) Maintain correct measurement status
Please do not measure blood pressure before meals, after exercise, or while mood swings.
Before measurement, please sit for 5 minutes as shown in the below picture.

How to track blood pressure readings?
Hingmed BPM Q06B will transfer BP readings to your smartphone automatically after each
What we have to do is just connect the BP device with the APP “Hingmed BP” via Bluetooth.

“Hingmed BP” records all of your BP readings, you can check your blood pressure reading at
any time, any place.

Download “HINGMED BP” to start a healthy life.

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