Which Blood Pressure Monitor Do Doctors Recommend for Hospitals?

As a hospital, it is the biggest challenge to manage the massive population and offer quality services to the patients. Blood pressure monitoring is one of the most common assessments offered by hospitals and which is why doctors and researchers always recommend using clinically validated and internationally recommended most accurate blood pressure monitors to assess the patients’ BP correctly. It is very crucial to keep an eye on these characteristics of the BP device while choosing a BP device so the process of keeping healthy and saving the lives of a large amount of the population will not be interrupted at any cost.

What does clinical validation mean?

Clinical validation simply means a process that assesses and analyzes clinical data of a medical device to ensure it is maintaining the clinical standard and safety and also the performance and efficiency is matched with the standard and the intention of usage by the manufacturer. All medical devices including blood pressure monitors need to go through the clinical validation process to demonstrate that the BP device meets all the standards set by the researchers of different hypertension organizations such as ESH, AHA, Dabl trust, Stride BP, etc. As accuracy is the most important key factor in blood pressure monitoring, these international organizations’ validation is considered to be the authenticity of the most accurate blood pressure monitor in the BP monitoring industry.

What is the importance of medical device validation?

Clinical validation is an essential process to assure the medical device’s safety and accuracy. It will ensure the doctors and the patients that they are using the most accurate blood pressure monitor and their health diagnosis is safe. As the organizations carried out the validation program neutrally and focused to maintain all the standards, doctors and researchers as well as patients confidently rely on them. The years of expertise and providing clinically validated BP monitors build this reliability and trust all over the world. Blood pressure assessment might be a very small diagnosis but it played an important role to prescribe the right diet plan and medications to patients, often it has been seen that people are suffering from sudden high or low BP because of their medication and eventually it leads them to serious health conditions over time. It could be a result of the wrong medication that is prescribed by following inaccurate BP data measured by an inaccurate BP monitor. On the other hand, international organizations working on the clinical validity of BP monitors are always determined to meet all the validation standards. They are always tried relentlessly so that taking and analyzing the data won’t be biased and any kind of interruption won’t occur.

How do check clinically validated blood pressure monitors for hospitals?

There are several renowned organizations that publish a list of clinically validated medical devices in a timely manner. In the blood pressure monitoring device industry Stride BP, Dabl educational trust, and Medieval are famous organizations or websites where you can check the most accurate blood pressure monitors list which is clinically validated and recommended. The process is easy to check the validation on these websites. All you need to do is to check the BP devices model and manufacturer information then go to these websites and check the model’s name on the search bar. On different websites, the process can be different but you will find the instructions for checking the validation. For example, if you want to check the clinical validation of the DBP-01P clinical automatic blood pressure monitor, go to Dabl educational trust official website (http://www.dableducational.org/) and click on the “Device” option on the left bar and select the “Recommended device” option on the top right after that. You will have a full list of BP devices and you can choose the HINGMED DBP-01P to check which validation it has passed. Or you can simply “click here”  http://www.dableducational.org/sphygmomanometers/devices_1_clinical.html#hingmed_dbp_01p to directly visit the page and check the validation list.

Why does this Blood Pressure Monitor Do Doctors Recommend for Hospitals?

HINGMED clinical automatic blood pressure monitor DBP-01P is recommended globally by doctors not only because it has passed clinical validation according to the ISO 81060-2:2018 protocol and is a recommended product on Dabl educational trust but also for its usability and hospital-friendly features. With years of expertise in BP monitoring devices, HINGMED developed and designed DBP-01P as the most accurate and user-friendly blood pressure monitor for massive usage in hospitals.

From the hospital’s perspective, DBP-01P’s modular design is the best for the hospital’s use. Because, in any component failure, the device can easily be fixed on-site saving a lot of time and money for the hospitals. Also, the DBP-01P can be integrated with the hospital information system and kiosks to increase the efficiency of the modern HIS system. On the other hand, if we see the perspective of a patient, the ergonomic design of the cuff is very comfortable to measure the blood pressure of the patient at different heights. Because the cuff can move in 4 directions and is adjustable for different heights of patients, patients won’t have to feel discomfort adjusting their body posture. Keeping in mind hygiene and making an easy-to-use BP monitor the DBP-01P has a one-time-use disposable extra cuff cloth and the device will guide the patient from start to end with natural voice guidance.

Proving the best quality healthcare is the first priority of a hospital and to ensure that hospitals have to assure the medical devices must be clinically validated and suitable for the general public. With the same priority, HINGMED is also focusing on the development of its blood pressure monitors so that blood pressure monitoring in hospitals could be more efficient and to assure these quality HINGMED clinical automatic blood pressure monitor DBP-01P is the best choice out there.