Hypertension or high blood pressure is an acute health condition that is increasing among the world population rapidly. Every year, many people from all over the world suffer from different types of cardiovascular diseases and other forms of health issues including organ failure as a consequence of high blood pressure. A study from different renowned organizations shows, more than 30% of the world’s population is suffering from high blood pressure and the data is increasing every year. Though there is no established medicine to cure hypertension, we can control it by controlling our food and drinking consumption and also performing some healthy habits.  

What is hypertension?

Mainly, in our body, there is a big network of blood vessels. Through these vessels, blood circulates throughout the body and carries oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other food nutrition in order to keep our body sustain and working properly. While circulating the blood always keeps forcing on the blood vessel’s wall and the pressure created on the vessel’s wall for the force is called blood pressure.  Normally, a healthy person’s BP reading should be in the range of 120/80 mmHg. When a person’s blood pressure goes higher than the healthy range it is called high blood pressure or hypertension. Hypertension doesn’t affect us directly even though many times we don’t realize that we are suffering from high blood pressure until it shows its acute symptoms. But like other dangerous silent killer diseases, it causes different health problems. The common health problem people are facing because of high blood pressure is heart stroke however there are other health issues like coronary disease, Aortic aneurysm, kidney problems, Vascular dementia, etc. But the good news is we can control our blood pressure and stay safe from these health problems by implementing some healthy habits in our day-to-day life and our eating and drinking habits. So, let’s talk about that.

What are the best drinks to lower blood pressure?

There are a lot of drinks that can be very beneficial for lowering your blood pressure. These natural and easy-to-get drinks have their own food and nutritious values to control our blood pressure and keep them in the normal range.  

Water: You might be surprised! But you might not know that the human body consists of 60% of water and the human heart consists of 73% water. So, this simplest and most easy to get liquid in today’s world can improve your blood pressure health and keep you healthy. Every day about 6/7 glasses of water can show you amazing results in your BP-controlling journey. Water also contains different types of minerals that keep the body healthy in other ways too. No other beverage can’t be as good as water in every term.

Skimmed or low-fat milk or non-fat milk you might hear any of these names. But surprisingly non-fat milk can be very helpful to reduce high blood pressure. Foods such as yogurt and skim milk are well-known non-fat milk examples here. In 2018, research shows adults who have high blood pressure and consumes low-fat milk regularly, their blood pressure is more likely lower than those who don’t consume non-fat milk. However, adding sugar to any kind of milk is very dangerous to health.

From ancient times, people are always depended on nature for medicine and used different natural herbs as their medicine for different diseases. Though hibiscus is a flower and tea is not good for blood pressure. But hibiscus tea plays an important role to reduce blood pressure. A study of 46 people divided into 2 groups shows both groups implement all the ways to reduce their blood pressure but those who drink hibiscus tea regularly show a significant change to lower their systolic and diastolic readings.

Juices: we all know that fruits and vegetable juices are very beneficial for our health and among all of them there are few fruits and vegetables that are so good for our hearts and to lower our blood pressure that doctors also recommend them to take them as medicine regularly. The most common and well-known juices for the heart are Tomato, Pomegranate, and Beet juice. As these fruits and vegetables don’t taste so good so doctors always recommend taking them as juice so they can be consumed easily and the nutritional value is intact. Drinking a glass of these juices can lower our blood pressure as well as improve our overall health. As these juices have secondary metabolites and anti-inflammatory effects that can help us to lower our blood pressure and improve LDL cholesterol.

What drinks to avoid for high Blood Pressure

There are also certain drinks hypertension patients should avoid and consume as less as they can. As some drinks help to control blood pressure and improve health and on the other hand some drinks also cause blood pressure elevation and impact badly on our health. Any kind of carbonated drink, tea, coffee, and alcohol is very dangerous for hypertension patients as well as for healthy people. Consuming coffee or tea with extra sweetness is definitely forbidden for hypertension patients. However, a small amount of sugar can be consumed and most important we shouldn’t take too much caffeine otherwise it will lead to us very dangerous impact on our health. On the other hand, different types of carbonated drinks and alcohol are full of sugar & caffeine that affect our blood pressure as well as our other organs like kidneys and liver too.

Effective habits for hypertension patients

Hypertension may not be cured but it can be controlled and we can live healthily and happily with some healthy habits. Habits include losing extra weight, eating and drinking healthy food, reducing salt intake, getting a night of sound sleep, and reducing stress are the common habits among them. The most essential habit to keep your BP low is to monitor your blood pressure more often and if possible, every day for hypertension patients. This habit will increase your awareness and keep you on track with your blood pressure-controlling goal. For your regular blood pressure monitoring, we will recommend you use HINGMED Home BP monitor Q06B. As it is well known for its accuracy and doctor recommended it as well. It will help you to monitor your blood pressure digitally and help you to analyze it. These habits and drinks are very beneficial for your blood pressure as well as your overall health.