Over the decades, medical devices have diversified from simplest to more complex to help patients diagnosed with different types of health issues. And, to ensure patients’ health safety doctors only recommend validated medical devices to their patients which is why It is very crucial to validate these varieties of devices to ensure authenticity and accuracy of the device. Along with approving the devices the validation also builds trustworthiness and reliability among the healthcare community & general patients all over the world so that doctors can faithfully recommend the devices. There are several organizations renowned for the validation process in every sector and ESH, DABL, and STRIDE BP are one of them. By it, HINGMED WBP-02A Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor also passed the ESH certification and is indexed as a certified blood pressure monitor by doctors and researchers on the Dabl, and Stride BP websites.

What is clinical validation & why it is so important in healthcare?

Clinical validation is a process where different internationally approved organizations check the BP device’s performance and accuracy according to the standard provided by the respected organizations. The devices need to undergo different types of examinations according to the standards throughout the whole procedure. The whole procedure is quite essential to any type of medical device. After performing tests on different parameters and analyzing the data, researchers come up with the result of whether the device is suitable according to the standards and can be a certified blood pressure monitor or not. If the device fails in any procedure the device will not be validated and returned to its owner.

As said earlier, clinical validation not only validates the devices but also builds trust for the certified blood pressure monitors among all the people who are using them. As organizations are internationally approved the validation program is quite unbiased and researchers carefully observe the process so any kind of error will not occur. Hospitals and healthcare providers have deep reliability on these organizations that any medical devices with clinical validation are maintained all the standard and compatible for general use. Many times, it has been seen that patients have died because of inaccurate results as well as defective devices. That is why clinical validation brings assurance along with the relief that patients are not using any faulty devices in their diagnosis and there will be no compromise to their health.

Why are ESH, DABL, and STRIDE BP important For BP devices?

Similar to other medical device sectors blood pressure monitors have also different well-known organizations that perform the validation of all the blood pressure monitors. These organizations carry out the process according to the international hypertension standard. The European Society of Hypertension (ESH), British Hypertension Society (BHS), and American Heart Association (AHA) are famous organizations for the validation of different types of BP monitors. On the other hand, Dabl and Stride BP are non-profit organizations established by high blood pressure experts. These international organizations have been providing guidance and educational information on the procedure & technology for evaluating our blood pressure accurately based on research evidence. Durable Educational Trust also provides updated information about certified blood pressure monitors regularly. These organizations indexed all the BP monitors on their website with all validation information.

How do you know if your blood pressure monitor is validated?

Before purchasing any BP monitor for clinical use, it is very crucial to check the validity and ensure the device’s safety. There are two ways to check the validation of the device. The first way is to check the validation mark or the validation details on the package or in the manual of a certified blood pressure monitor. In every device, there must be some marks about the device validation. But it is possible to print these marks, which is why there is another reliable way to verify the validity. There are few international indexes where anyone can access and check the BP device validation at any time. Dabl, Stride BP, and Medieval are some of the well-known international indexes where all the BP device validation is checked usually. All a person needs to do is, search the BP monitor box of WBP-02A for the manufacturer name and the model number of the device on the website search box. For example, if anyone wants to check HINGMED WBP-02A’s validation they can check it on Dabl or Stride BP’s website. All you need to do is, the “HINGMED WBP-02A” keyword and the validation information will be shown on the website.

Why do doctors recommend HINGMED ambulatory blood pressure monitors?

As a medical device company, HINGMED has been devoted for years to the BP monitors industry and developed different types of blood pressure monitors with its R&D team. Among them, 24-hour ABPM; WBP-02A is one of the best BP monitors for clinical ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Surpassing the traditional BP monitor’s issues of the external tube and AA batteries, WBP-02A ABPM has a compact & tubeless design and rechargeable Li-batteries for further usage, which assures smooth monitoring for the whole ABPM interval. Along with these, the device is equipped with motion tolerance technology, a good analytical software system that provides doctors with a good insight into the patient’s blood pressure. with all the key features for both doctors and patients, HINGMED WBP-02A ambulatory BPM has become a recommended medical device for BP monitoring for both doctors and researchers in organizations such as Dabl and Stride BP.