To get better control of high blood pressure, increasing the awareness of blood pressure kiosk machines is essential when patients get a health check-up in the hospital. In the spring, it is often the time for the elderly to get a health check-up service in the hospital. As a matter of fact, hypertension is the top of the most to their health. A number of people usually don’t want to check their readings, and some even have the white coat syndrome. Measuring blood pressure regularly in the early period is a good start for prevention of hypertension.

Home blood pressure monitoring is widely used by laypeople. When it comes to the precise, blood pressure self-screening in the waiting room is more acceptable for most people, but, patients have little knowledge of the clinic blood pressure monitor.

GP Waiting Room Blood Pressure Monitor

A GP(General practice) waiting room is a common public place where people wait for medical suggestions. This blood pressure monitor is more accurate and recommended for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers. The GP waiting room blood pressure monitor has the same accuracy as the traditional sphygmomanometer, however, it is more portable, convenient, and high-tech. As the picture below, in the Taqiao Community Health Service Station, Ningxia Province, China, the health center uses a blood pressure kiosk (DBP-01P) in the waiting room.

Benefits of GP Waiting Room Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure is a primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease as a health problem widely spreading matter in the young or elderly.

1. Improve patient screening: Waiting room monitors help medical practices optimize patient screening when patients have ill syndromes of high blood pressure.

2. Better Monitoring for Patients: Waiting room monitors assist patients to solve the problem who reluctantly measure their blood pressure at home.

3. Time-saving for Clinical Staff: GP waiting room blood pressure monitor aids staff focus on the patients who most need the help, both time and cost can be saved.

4. Increase Detection of Hypertension: More blood pressure monitors in the waiting room can help patients get fast blood pressure readings to detect high blood pressure, and prevent wasting time in queues.

5. Help Patients Self-triage: Waiting room monitors help patients measure their blood pressure before seeing a doctor which can greatly reduce the clinical staff’s workload. 

GP blood pressure monitor in the waiting room has many strong points, recommended by the authority. A waiting room blood pressure monitor, DBP-20 is the best choice for medical practice to detect hypertension.

What Should You Do Before Measuring in the Waiting Room?

In most cases, patients make appointments in the waiting room in the early morning or evening. The blood pressure would be unstable during the walk. For example, some patients complain that their blood pressure does not show like this on the digital monitoring screen, and they do not have high blood pressure.  To have a better diagnosis, patients need to make full preparations to measure blood pressure.

Here are some suggestions before measuring in the waiting room. Patients should bear in mind these little tips.

1. Calm the Mood: Patients need to take a few seconds to rest to calm their mood in case the blood pressure readings are too high.

2. Eat Nothing: Anything you drink or eat before measurements would bring confusion to the results. Try to avoid eating, or drinking within 30 minutes.

3. Empty Your Bladder: It’s important to empty your bladder before reading. Readings may be different in the blood pressure measuring whether you empty the bladder or not.

4. Keep Position Correct: For the most accurate reading, patients should preferably put the arm at the level of the heart while sitting in a comfortable chair.

In conclusion, these are four tips to keep in mind to get a better record of the blood pressure monitoring in the waiting room. By providing the most precise measurements, patients can have a healthier body.

Are Hospital Blood Pressure Machines Accurate?

There are different kinds of blood pressure monitors. One is the home blood pressure monitors. The other is the hospital monitors. The blood pressure machines in the waiting room are accurate and have the affirmation of Dabl Educational Trust or Stride. BP. The devices have the clinical report reviewed by exports to test whether the blood pressure monitor can get precise readings.

Which is the Best Waiting Room Blood Pressure Monitor in 2024?

Incredible waiting room blood pressure monitors to offer to your customer in monitoring technology!

One of the waiting room blood pressure monitors that have been gaining vital traction is the HINGMED DBP-01P. The device is renowned for its accuracy, modular design, and numerous user-friendly designs.

Clinically Validated: Validation of the device DBP-01P, pass the ISO 81060-2:2018  protocol for its accuracy and clinical purposes. And, listed on the Dabl Educational Trust. Pass the certificate like CE1639 and ISO 13485.

Modular Design: Being well received by hospitals and clinics, the modular design that is a system or device for blood pressure monitoring greatly saves cost and maintenance.

Oscillometric Method: Using the Oscillometric method to detect the blood pressure of patients automatically through the cuff inflated and then deflated on the upper arm.

Auto-Print Function: Patients’ blood pressure(BP) will be synced with the data shown on the DBP-01P’s LED screen, with its Systolic, Diastolic, HR, and Map data.

Voice Broadcast Feature: The voice broadcast function facilitates the elderly to measure their blood pressure, and helps patients stay informed and connected with DBP-01P automated voice announcements.  

Muti-Ports Support: Support RS232 and USB to connect with the clinical automatic blood pressure DBP-01P. Seamlessly integrate with your systems and devices for enhanced flexibility and convenience.

HINGMED DBP-01P is the best-preferred option for healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals to monitor patients’ blood pressure with the combination of accuracy, modular design, and a great deal of user-friendly designs. If you are a sphygmomanometer dealer, these features are very enjoyable to users and can be profitable for you.

2016-2023 HINGMED DBP-01P Waiting Room Blood Pressure Monitor Market Size

As a reputable medical manufacturer, we have been supplying BP monitors for more than 10 years, selling to many countries, particularly in European countries, like England, Italy, Germany, Spain, and so on. In 2016, HINGMED Desktop blood pressure monitors sold more than 300,000 pieces. Till 2023, waiting room blood pressure monitors have sold more than 1.5 million pieces a year.

Moreover, our MOQ is now more flexible than ever before, you can initially take a small amount of BP monitors to reduce your risk. Order the quantity that perfectly aligns with your business goals. Tailor your purchase to your market demands, and feel free to contact us now!