Automatic blood pressure monitors have become a very common and widespread medical device for measuring BP both for home and hospital usage. Measuring BP with a digital blood pressure device is a prominent and easy way for patients to track their heart health in the quickest time. Moreover, the accuracy of BP data is one of the most important key points when start using any automatic blood pressure monitor either personal or public usage. Today we’ll discuss why accuracy is an important factor and how you will trust HINGMED BP monitors in terms of accuracy.

What is an automatic blood pressure monitor?

If we distribute the development of blood pressure monitors over the last few decades there will be three types of blood pressure monitors, mercury sphygmomanometers, aneroid BP monitors, and fully automatic BP devices. The structure and working principle are quite different among all these devices. However, through technological advancements, digital blood pressure monitors are taking over the place of aneroid BP monitors and on the oter hand, mercury sphygmomanometers are not being used publicly nowadays because of the bad impact of mercury on the environment and human body.

As the name, automatic blood pressure monitors have worked automatically and finished the measurement process by themselves without any human interference whereas aneroid and mercury blood pressure measuring devices work manually. Traditional blood pressure monitors usually include a stethoscope, gauge, and error indicator separately but a digital BP device has all these equipment in one device that makes the device more compact and user-friendly.

How does a digital BP monitor work?

Automatic BP monitors usually work on the oscillometric principle. Usually, when blood flows throughout our body it creates pressure on the artery wall and makes vibrations; in oscillometric technology, the automatic blood pressure monitor detects the artery vibration and turns that into an electrical signal. Digital BP monitors are usually equipped with all the components such as gauge,  stethoscope, and error indicator technology in one machine so it can also detect pulse data too. The device can easily complete the whole process from inflating the cuff to showing results fast without any human interaction.

Why accuracy is important for medical devices?

Medical devices are meant to be provided correct information to doctors so the data can be analyzed by them and healthcare providers can prescribe the right medication and lifestyle to ensure the patient’s wellness. In the diagnosis process, if any medical equipment provides inaccurate data even in a small variation, it can change the medication course and lead the patients to some serious health conditions as well as harm to their life. That is why assuring the accuracy of any medical equipment before usage is quite essential. In terms of blood pressure measuring devices, the process of measuring or getting the result might be very simple but the data is remarkably significant to the doctors. Usually, automatic BP monitors provide systolic & diastolic BP data and pulse rate, these data play a notable role to find out any kind of heart problem in the first place. Also, doctors prescribe medication to their patients according to their blood pressure health data so, patients won’t suffer from high or low blood pressure issues caused by the medicine. So, to ensure the right medicines are being prescribed by the doctors BP data are as essential as other diagnosis data for patients. These data become more vital when doctors need to deal with acute hypertensive patients. Patients with acute hypertension might suffer internal organ damage, stroke, heart failure, and other health issues if they got any wrong medication that causes the rising of their blood pressure level.

How can you assure a digital blood pressure monitor is accurate?

Checking clinical validation is one of the best and most trusted ways to ensure the device’s safety and accuracy. Similar to other medical equipment blood pressure monitor’s accuracy also can be checked and assured. Worldwide, there are a lot of institutions; conducting the clinical validation process according to the universal standard protocol on a regular basis to certify the accurate blood pressure monitor devices. Among all these organizations European Society of Hypertension (ESH), the British Hypertension Society (BHS), and the American Heart Association (AHA) are the most renowned organizations that recommended world hypertension guidelines and also carry out the validation program with their expert researchers on blood pressure monitoring. To check whether the automatic blood pressure monitor you are using to track your heart health is being validated by any of these well-known organizations, Dabl educational trust, and Stride BP are the most common websites where you can search the brand name and model to ensure the clinical validation the devices have gone through. Almost all the blood pressure monitors that have been passed through different clinical validation are being recommended in Dabl or Stride BP web index.

Why HINGMED automatic blood pressure monitors are reliable?

In the blood pressure monitoring industry, HINGMED becoming one of the rising brands that is developing blood pressure monitoring solutions for years. Making blood pressure monitoring smooth and easy HINGMED developed its blood pressure devices in both segments for hospital and home use, it receives remarkable praise for the hospital use of digital blood pressure monitors. HINGMED clinical automatic blood pressure monitor; DBP-01P is passed ISO 81060-2:2018 clinical validation and is recommended on Dabl educational trust website.  The device passed the accuracy test in the wide-range cuff for the single-cuff blood pressure monitor’s segment. Along with the clinical validation, the device is quite user-friendly and brings comfort to patients from different heights. It can be operated with one click and finish the measuring process within a few seconds. For modern hospital information systems, it can be used for telemedicine and kiosk technologies. Equipped with the advanced technology doctors and patients can confidently rely on clinical automatic BP monitor DBP-01P for public usage.