As we know about traditional ambulatory blood pressure monitors, there’s another kind of blood pressure called a WiFi blood pressure monitor. It’s an updated version of conventional blood pressure, which offers advanced features and become the best blood pressure monitor for ABPM.

What is a WiFi blood pressure monitor?

A WiFi blood pressure monitor connects primarily via Wi-Fi to a specific device and transfers all the readings to that device. This version of the blood pressure monitor comes with a cuff, monitor, and WiFi technology.

The fascinating fact about this device is one can track all the data from the connected devices via Wi-Fi technology. Usually, every brand has an official smart BP software for ABPM monitoring. The WiFi technology helps the monitor connect with compatible devices and is called a WiFi blood pressure monitor.

Why should one purchase a WiFi blood pressure monitor?

For many reasons, it would be best to consider buying a WiFi blood pressure monitor. As you know, there are different typical blood pressure monitor brands available in the market with competitive prices, but here is why you should buy them.

Initially, the design of a WiFi blood pressure monitor prioritizes the user’s experience. One can operate this ABPM device by staying at his home using an ABPM software. And for this, users don’t need to go to a medical clinic nowadays for the 24-hour ABPM setup.

This version of the blood pressure monitor can produce accurate data or readings in a very short time. At the same time, one can track and store all the readings in the software in real-time, which is impossible on a traditional blood pressure monitor.

This version allows users to store data and share it with their medical experts for personalized medication recommendations. Also, the reminder feature helps a user take 24-hour readings and set personal goals with the ABPM analysis.

Those suffering from severe hypertension tension can take advantage of this device as it makes a detailed 24-hour ABPM reading so users can act according to their condition. Overall, purchasing the best blood pressure monitor with Wi-Fi technology is a game changer for BP patients.

Best WiFi blood pressure monitor

If you look into the market, you will find various brands at various prices in this segment. But a cheaper product can be a better possible option. You may need to pay extra sometimes in search of quality products. However, from our point of view, Hingmed WBP-02A is one of the best blood pressure monitors for ABPM available in the market.

The Hingmed WBP-02A (WiFi)

The Hingmed WBP-02A is a WiFi technology-based ambulatory blood pressure monitor. It is an automatic digital device that works based on Oscillometric heating technology. This product is suitable for adults who require ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. It is an official product of Shenzhen Hingmed Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.


The Hingmed WBP-02A is a lightweight product with only 230g of weight. This device can produce accurate readings spontaneously because of ambulatory. This product is certified by SGS, CE, and ESG.

It comes with an arterial elasticity indicator and central aortic pressure monitor. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it. Also, it has a natural voice mode, which enables a user to understand it better. The cuff size of this product is between 18-43 cm.

The systolic and diastolic readings range from 40-200 to 40-200 BPM. Also, the heart rate readings range is the same as systolic and diastolic readings. The 1000 mAh rechargeable battery ensures long-term service. One can save a maximum of 300 readings, which needs calibration once every two years.


We tested the Hingmed WBP-02A, and from our experience, at a competitive price, it is one of the best WiFi blood pressure monitors available in the market. It has almost all the features an ideal WiFi blood pressure monitor should have.

On the contrary, it is a certified device, which is a significant reason why we chose this product for you. In short, this product is a must-pick if you’re looking for a WiFi blood pressure monitor with a reasonable price and longevity.

Pros and cons of a WiFi blood pressure monitor

There is no doubt that the WiFi blood pressure monitor has several advanced and practical features that enhance user experience. But as you know, nothing is perfect in this human world; at the same time, it has some demerits, too. But maybe the cons don’t affect you much; it’s up to you.


  • One can use it for ABPM using smart BP software.
  • It can store the readings and provide different indexes according to the health condition.
  • It produces accurate readings within a few moments.
  • It helps a user to take regular readings as it has a reminder feature.
  • One can share the data with their medical expert directly from the software.
  • Users can have a wide view of their BP health with this best blood pressure monitor.


  • To understand all the features, one needs to learn how to use them, and some may need the help of professionals to understand them.
  • It is comparatively more expensive than a typical blood pressure monitor.
  • It needs regular maintenance for long-term use as lithium-ion batteries operate it.

Difference between a traditional blood pressure monitor and a WiFi blood pressure monitor

WiFi Blood Pressure Monitor Traditional Blood Pressure Monitor
One can record readings using the software; there is no need for manual recording.It needs a manual record.
The blood pressure monitor is better in terms of accuracy and advanced WiFi.While traditional blood pressure monitors are reasonably accurate, there may be better choices when seeking advanced features.
It can remind the user via a reminder feature if there is any irregular activity.It doesn’t have a reminder.
It needs WiFi connectivity to operate.Traditional BP monitors don’t need any WiFi connectivity.
A lithium-ion battery powers it, requiring regular maintenance.It doesn’t need any batteries to run.
One needs to sync the monitor with the ABPM software to operate this.It doesn’t need any setup.
It can be used for ambulatory BP monitoringIt can not be used for ambulatory BP monitoring
WiFi Blood Pressure Monitor VS Traditional Blood Pressure Monitor


Technology is advancing rapidly; we are still determining what we are coming next. The impact of the technology is profound; at the same time, the invention of the WiFi blood pressure monitor is another example of advanced technology. A typical blood pressure monitor helps us to understand blood pressure conditions.

On the other hand, a WiFi blood pressure monitor makes the monitoring journey more convenient. It is a product that helps us to measure our BP regularly with its smart reminder feature. For a severe hypertension patient, a WiFi blood pressure monitor can significantly impact and become the best blood pressure monitor for ABPM.