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ESH validation 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

A wearable accurate blood pressure monitor. Without an air tube. More comfortable for hypertension patients.

Oscillometric step deflation technology. Accurate and consistent measurement.



Validated blood pressure monitor, Wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor
No tube, no wire.

Automatically monitor blood pressure during work, sleep…
No interference to normal life.

Portable, Light and Small.

Only with a net weight of 105g, lighter than most of our daily supplies, your really ambulatory blood pressure monitoring bpm device.

Clinical level, Accurate reading.

Motion tolerance technology.
Good measurement consistency.
Double Pressure sensor.
It’s an honor that our blood pressure monitor WBP-02A passed the European Society of Haematology(ESH ) validation.

High reading alarm

WPP-02A(BT) provides both sound and indication
alarm for high readings, it also features an easy-to-read, backlit screen.

Rechargeable &Environmentally friendly

Built-in Rechargeable 1000mAh Li battery and one full charge support 200 measurements. This best-validated blood pressure monitor supports you to be an environmentalist.

High-quality leather cuff

WBP-02A(BT) is equipped with leather cuffs that are dust-proof, water-repellent, and dirt-resistant.

Four sizes of blood pressure monitor cuff to choose from.
Small size:18-26cm
Middle size:22-32cm
Large size:22-36cm
Extra large size:30-43cm

USB data transferring

Stable performance ensures data is safe.

it pairs easily with a companion app over Bluetooth, while its companion app can store unlimited results.

Professiona & User-friendly software

Automatically generate diagnostic analysis report.
Analysis of Morning Surge, Smoothness Index, Variation Corr, White-Coat Hypertension and AASI.
Report customizable.

Body position record

The ABPM automatically record the body posture during blood pressure measurement.
Help doctors to understand BP fluctuation under different body posture..

Hingmed patented network software
Professional Telemedicine Solution

Client software(used in remote sites):
collect data, upload data.

Central software (used in Central hospital):
analyze data, generate & distribute report.

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