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Q06B Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Hingmed Q06B carries CE certification and ISO 13485 compliance, underscoring the adherence to the highest standards of safety and quality in medical devices.
With the innovative 360° tubeless design, clinical level accuracy, and smart App connectivity, Q06B sets a new standard in blood pressure monitoring. A comprehensive wireless blood pressure monitoring solution that empowers patients to take control of their cardiovascular health with ease and confidence.
Q06B is equipped with Bluetooth function.




Clinically Validated

Distinguished by its CE certification and ISO 13485 accreditation, elevate your health management experience with the precision of Q06B clinical grade technology.

One-button Measurement

Simply pressing one button  makes it easy for patients to take their blood pressure quickly and accurately.

Steps for Using a Wireless Upper Arm BP Monitor

Open the cuff and wrap it around the upper arm.

Position the cuff two fingers away from the arm.

Ensure the cuff is level with the heart while adjusting the tightness to fit the cuff.

Press the “start” button to begin measurement.

Irregular Heartbeat

Alert you to any abnormal heart rhythms, and early detection of cardiovascular issues.

Improper Motion Reminding

Detect and alert patients to any movement during readings for improved accuracy.

Cuff Self-Check

Assess the fit and positioning of the cuff, experiencing confidence in every reading.

Smart App Connectivity 

Sync effortlessly via Bluetooth with a stand-alone Hingmed App for real-time data tracking, easy to understand & use.

Support unlimited data storage for multiple users, managing 1 to N sets seamlessly.

Bright backlit display

Feature a large, easy-to-read backlit screen for clear visibility.

Natural voice guidance

Natural voice guidance for effortless use, enhances ease of use and accessibility.

360° Tubeless Design

Comfortable and flexible cuff design allows for easy and secure wear on the upper arm at any angle.
The patented cuff adapts to a wide range of arm sizes (22-41 cm).

Extended Battery Life

Just 1 hour of charging powers the device for up to 240 day, about 200 measurements storage.

Portable Design

Slim, compact, and stylish for convenient use on the go,  convenient to carry and use anywhere, anytime.

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