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Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

All-in-one design,
Proved medically accurate readings. Fast,accurate & comfortable measurement.
The best home blood pressure monitor choice for those who need to monitor blood pressure from home.



Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic sync BP readings to a smartphone via Bluetooth,
having easier blood pressure monitoring.

Clinical level blood pressure and heart rate measurement

Compliant with European medical device standards, providing readings of systolic, diastolic, and heart rate, widely recommended by doctors because of providing accurate results.

Lighter & Smaller

Portable & Stylish

Super light design,200g only (including cuff & battery).

The best upper arm blood pressure monitor for seniors & travelers.

All-in-one design

No external tube.
More convenient & comfortable measurement of your blood pressure.

Intelligent upper arm cuff automatically wrap the upper arm

Our this model Q06B accurate blood pressure monitor for Home Use & Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Cuff 22-41cm, 2×120 Sets Memory.

360° full-coverage Intelli cuff.
Thinner & wider Patented cuff.

One button operation,easy home blood pressure monitor

           28s, quick measurement.



Intelligent voice broadcast.
Adjustable volume. Easy home blood pressure monitor for those who have vision problems.

High-end LED

backlight screen.

Large screen,

large font,

clearer reading.



Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery

One full charge, support 250 times measurements.
If you have our model Q06B, you have no worries about monitoring blood pressure outdoors.



Bluetooth always on line

Our model Q06B is one easy home blood pressure monitor, it’s also a homedics BlueTooth upper arm blood pressure monitor, and it can sync BP readings to a smartphone automatically, Convenient for BP data management.




Download “HINGMED BP” to start a healthy life.

Clinically Validated Accuracy

DBP-01P passed all the validation requirments of the ESH-IP to be recommended for clinical use.
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