Innovative Smart Blood Pressure Monitor V03D

Real-time data transmission.
Medically accurate readings. Fast, accurate & comfortable measurement.
Long-range remote BP measurement with smart data management.




Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Bluetooth connectivity

Smart Bluetooth connectivity supports 20m remote BP measurement.
Synchronize BP data to the main device in real time.

Intelligent inflation measurement Quick & accurate

360° wireless patented cuff, do not need to locate pulse position, easy to wear.
With self-check and remote measurement mode, more accurate measurement.

Easy interface

User-friendly display,

understand abnormal blood pressure readings easily,

special “User 1/User 2” button,

categorize different readings automatically.

Smart data management

Manage two users’ data at the same time without confusion.
Manage data in the group, 2 users×100 readings.
Enjoy BP measurement with your partner.

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Smart data recording No more writing manually

Understand your blood pressure cycle, good for health, automatically record the BP data with date, and accurately compare BP fluctuations.

Intelligent design Perfect measurement experience

50° display inclination, smooth edge, comfortable to hold,
reduce measurement time, intelligent design with a good user experience.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Standby time up to 15 days.
Measures BP more than 100 times in a single charge.

Fast & accurate measurement

Fast & accurate measurement, comfortable to use, fast result. BP measurement is about 25s at 120mmHg, 35s at 150mmHg, and 50s at 250mmHg.

Voice broadcast
6.0 inch super large screen with soft backlight

Users can follow up their BP readings easily, no need to worry about low light or poor eyesight.

Accurate readings

BP measurement accuracy ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa).
Each measurement is accurate and stable, making analysis more effective.

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