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Hingmed ABPM Softerware

Hingmed ABPM software offers a comprehensive solution for managing hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions by seamlessly connecting the ABPM device to the computer, ensuring data uploads and integration into the software for effective monitoring and analysis.

Microsoft Windows 2003、Windows XP or higher version application environment.
Support maximum 72 hours data tendency chart.
Analysis of morning surge, arteriosclerosis index, and AASl.
White coat analysis, remarkable color for white coat period.
Various BP reading analysis,statistics.
BP comparison of same patient’s different measurement.
Variation corr.analysis of DIA.vs SYS., HR vs SYS.
PDF format report.
User defined report content, printing review.

Hingmed ABPM Software
Effective Hypertension Management Software

ambulatory blood pressure monitoring softeware


Hingmed ABPM software offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing and analyzing blood pressure data from ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPM). Designed to seamlessly connect the ABPM device to a computer, this software ensures efficient data uploads and detailed analysis for effective hypertension management.

For Hospital: Streamline the process of collecting and analyzing ABPM data, improving the efficiency of hypertension clinics and departments.
For Doctors: Provide detailed analytics on blood pressure data, helping in diagnosing hypertension and assessing treatment efficacy.
For Patients: Allow patients to monitor BP in a non-clinical setting, giving a more accurate picture without the white-coat effect.

Blood pressure thresholds include JNC7/AHA, ESH, default, and custom options, applicable to all patient files.

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Hingmed ABPM software offers advanced statistical analysis features, including White-Coat Analysis, BP Variation Coefficient, Arteriosclerosis Index, and Morning Surge.

White-Coat Analysis: Identify and analyze elevated clinic blood pressure compared to normal ambulatory blood pressure.
BP Variation Coefficient (CV): Examine the ratio of the hourly standard deviation decrease in blood pressure to the average hourly decrease.
Arteriosclerosis Index: Calculate by subtracting the regression slope of 24-hour dynamic diastolic blood pressure from systolic blood pressure.
Morning Surge: Measure the largest blood pressure fluctuation typically occurring in the early morning.

The histogram is analyzed separately for systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate throughout the day, day, and night.


The pie chart analyzes separately for systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate range throughout the day, day, and night.


The correlation analyzes the regression equations of the relationship between systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure and the relationship between systolic blood pressure and heart rate.

The hour average shows the individual BP readings and the average reading for the patient tested each hour.


Doctors can prescribe instructions to patients directly through the ABPM software.

Customized patient details including name, gender, age, height, address, social security number.
Hospitalization information such as admission number, time, weight, ward, department, medical history, and height

Generate and customize reports with charts, graphs, and statistics that highlight significant blood pressure trends and abnormalities over 24 hours.

Sample 3-Comparison Study 12 05 2013(1)
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