blood pressure kiosk DBP-20
blood pressure kiosk DBP-20
blood pressure clinic kiosk DBP-20
blood pressure machine for blood pressure kiosk
clinical grade blood pressure kiosk
hingmed blood pressure kiosk DBP-20
telemedicine equipment DBP-20
health kiosk blood pressure kiosk hingmed


A cutting-edge blood pressure monitor with motion toloranced technology and unparalleled accuracy. The compact design is easy to carry for medical staff. With an adjustable cuff arm circumference of 17-42cm, it accommodates various arm sizes and can be measured on either arm. The memory capacity enables to store 9999 data.

Clinically validated by authorities, the DBP-20 fully automatic blood pressure monitor delivers the most precise readings during testing.


Clinically Validated

Recognized by ISO 13485 quality management system, designed for clinical application. DBP-20 has been certfied with CE.

Patented Disposable Sleeve


The sleeve ensures hygiene and convenience in healthcare, enhancing patient care standards.

Antibacterial Cuff

The antibacterial cuff helps to maintain a hygienic environment during blood pressure monitoring process.

Low Noise


It provides a quiet, comfortable measurement process for patients, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on providing quality care.

Voice Broadcasting

The critical information can be conveyed effectively and efficiently, providing  guidance for healthcare professionals and patients.

6-inch LCD Color Screen

It allows for excellent display of readings and machine status, enabling users to interpret information quickly and accurately.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Seamless integrates with external devices and systems with the USB and RS232 ports, facilitating efficient data management.

Error Posture Reminders

The fully automatic DBP-20 blood pressure monitor provides real-time guidance, alerting users for incorrect arm positioning or operations.

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