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ALL-IN-ONE Blood Pressure Monitor 01
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DBP-01HP Blood Pressure Machine For Blood Pressure Kiosk

Hingmed, a high-tech enterprise, has been focusing on the blood pressure measurement industry for dozens of years.

DBP-01HP integrates a card reader scanner as one machine that scans patients’ medical insurance cards, ID cards, or magnetic stripe cards to read patients’ blood pressure data.

Hingmed’s all-in-one machine DBP-01HP has been clinically proven and fully complies with the ISO 80601-2-30 standard, and is honored to have received FDA and CE certifications.


DBP-01HP Blood Pressure Kiosk

ID scanning functionality, patients can use medical insurance card, ID card, or QR Code to gather and store health record data, connecting with Hospital Information System(HIS) in hospital. 

Support multiple users in diagnosing and managing hypertension information.

Clinically Validated

Clinically validated to meet ISO80601-2-30 standards for accuracy and performance, with FDA, and CE certification.

Effortless Patient ID Input

With a simple scan of an ID card, medical insurance card, or QR code, patients swiftly input their identification information, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy.

Precision Blood Pressure Measurement


Adopting advanced technology, our kiosk boasts a user-friendly interface, where patients can initiate blood pressure measurements at the touch of the “start” button.

Instant Obtain Data

After each measurement, users are presented with blood pressure readings directly on the screen. Simultaneously, user ID information and data are securely stored within the blood pressure kiosk system.

Upload to HIS

Seamlessly transmit the user informatioon and blood pressure data to the Hospital Information System (HIS), ensuring that vital health information is readily available for healthcare professionals.

Suitible for Multiple Places

Whether it’s in hospitals, clinic offices, pharmacies, or community centers, the DBP-1HP blood pressure kiosk provides convenient and reliable blood pressure monitoring wherever it’s needed.

ID Scanning

Effortlessly streamline your health record management by scanning ID to securely store data, connecting to HIS.

 Patented Cuff

The patented cuff of the device ensures comfort and adjustability, accommodating arm circumferences from 17 to 42cm.
Patients can easily switch between measuring on their right or left arm.
The sleeve’s ergonomic design allows for different positions either left &right, or up&down,

Double Pump 

Experience the double pump technology, delivering fast blood pressure measurements while ensuring an extended product lifespan.

8-inch LCD Color Display

Provide clear and vivide readings on LCD colod display vivid, patients can see the results at a glance.

Pulse Wave Motion Tolerance BP Technology

DBP-01HP blood pressure kiosk utilizes pulse wave motion tolerance BP technology to measure blood pressure with precision and accuracy.

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