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Bluetooth 24-hour ABPM

Hingmed ABP-03B is the premier 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring ABPM for hospitals, clinics, and health centers…

This sophisticated ABPM monitor offers accurate readings and can transmit patients’ 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring readings to Hingmed PC software via Bluetooth to get a professional analysis from doctors.

With oscillometric technology, ABP-03B provides reliable BP readings and pulse readings.



Our ABPM monitor ABP-03B with built-in Bluetooth, realize the Bluetooth wireless transmission of one’s 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure data.

Clinical level,Accurate reading.

Hingmed ABP blood pressure monitors series models have Double pressure sensorS & Strong anti-interference ability.

All our ABPM monitors with high reading alarms.

 AA battery power

Replaceable battery, you can take to this ambulatory blood pressure monitor anywhere, more convenient.

High-quality leather cuffs

ABP-03 is a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring ABPM model matched with several sizes of leather cuffs, which are dust-proof, water-repellent, and dirt-resistant.

Professional & User-friendly software

Hingmed 24 blood pressure monitors automatically generate diagnostic analysis reports.
Analysis of Morning Surge, Smoothness Index, Variation Corr, White-Coat Hypertension, and AASI.
Customizable report.

Body position record

The ABPM automatically record the different position during blood pressure monitoring,it help doctors to understand BP reading fluctuation under different positions.

Hingmed patented network software
Professional Telemedicine Solution

Client software(used in remote sites):
collect data,upload data.

Cenrtal software(used in Central hospital):
analyze data,genarate & distribute report.

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