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ABP-03B Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

ABP-03B offers comprehensive 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate, adhering to the rigorous ISO 80601-2-30 standards for exceptional accuracy and performance. This advanced device features a patented leather cuff and integrates with Hingmed software. The software supports easy tracking, trend analysis, and comprehensive reporting, empowering healthcare professionals with actionable insights for informed patient management.
ABP-03B is an indispensable tool for effective and user-friendly cardiovascular monitoring, equipped with Bluetooth function.




Clinically Validated

Certified with CE and ISO 13485, compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Comfortable Lether Cuff

A secure fit for various arm sizes, promoting accurate blood pressure readings by maintaining optimal placement.


Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

Real-time data sharing and integration into electronic health records for monitoring and analysis.

Reliable Measurements

Motion tolerance technology provides reliable measurements under dynamic conditions.


Anti-Interference Capability

Strong anti-interference capability, accurate data collection despite environmental disruptions.

Dual Pressure Sensors

Offer enhanced measurement accuracy and a safety mechanism for reliable performance.


AA Battery Power

Offer versatility and convenience, supporting up to 250 measurements per set.

Comprehensive Data Storage

Store up to 300 readings, allowing for comprehensive long-term monitoring.


Body Position Monitoring

Track the patient’s posture,provideing valuable context for clinical analysis.

High Blood Pressure Alert

Notify patients of elevated readings, ensuring timely intervention and enhancing patient safety.

Professional ABPM Software 

Offer effortless real-time blood pressure monitoring thorough analysis of of Morning Surge, Arteriosclerosis Index, Variation Corr. and AASI.

Advanced Telemedicine Solution

Ambulatory BP Information System in regional hospitals connects remote facilities through the internet, enabling centralized diagnostics and cohesive patient management.


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