In recent times, with the increasing population of the world, providing proper healthcare to a huge number of patients in hospitals is a challenging task. Resolving this issue for this enormous population, and providing the access to the best healthcare services, there is no substitute for modern HIS or Hospital Information Systems. Not only it allows the hospitals to manage a huge amount of data but also assures quality health care to the patients. In order to maximize the usage of HIS, hospitals need to merge every single health service into the hospital information environment and following that purpose HINGMED develops its clinical automatic desktop blood pressure monitor DBP-01P to integrate with the HIS system and transfer the data in real-time. So. Let’s understand why this integration is important and how it works

What is HIS?

Because of the increase in the number of patients over time, the data of the patients also have increased exponentially, and with that, managing the patients’ data safely & efficiently also becomes quite tough. To solve this issue, the digital HIS or hospital information system was introduced. HIS system mainly consists of three modules. The data will be input from the computers used to test or register the patient’s information and then it will store on the HIS server, later the information will be used on the tablet or computer of doctors’ offices or anywhere need. The system mainly stores patient data securely in a unique and dedicated folder and allows authorized persons to access and use the data for further treatment. The process is very fast and the data can be accessed with some clicks.

Why does the hospital information system essential?

Decades ago, all the information of patients stored in the hospital are handwritten or printed on paper, these data are not only necessary for patients’ treatment but also very essential for research purposes. These data are often used to find out the health issues over the decades, how they are treated, and how the effect of the medicine on the patient’s body to overcome the mistakes that have been done before. However, there is a big issue with this, most of the time the paper can be decayed and it is troublesome and time-consuming work to recall and reuse any past information. Also, if there is any accident happens it is impossible to revive the data, and because of the space consumed by the paper hospitals used to destroy these data after a period of time, in every case, it is nearly impossible to reuse the data in the far future. Nevertheless, after the use of the hospital information system, the data can be stored on a server and can be used anytime with some clicks. In this way, data become more secure and more accessible because only authorized persons can access the data in seconds. Also, it can only take a very small amount of space to store the data and the data can be backed up on a different server to assure data safety in any accident. For its reusability, safety, and security it becomes more and more popular in both big and small hospitals

How does the hospital information system function with DBP-01P?

As mentioned earlier, the HINGMED DBP-01P clinical desktop blood pressure monitor has been developed to merge with the hospital information system. The function and overall setup are very easy with DBP-01P. To set up the desktop BP monitor there are 3 components that will be needed. The barcode or card reader, BP management software installed in a tablet or computer, and DBP-01P blood pressure monitor. The scanner and the blood pressure monitor DBP-01P will be connected to the device so that the management software can read the unique number and BP measurement data of the patient and after the measurement, the device will automatically store all the data in HIS server.

For effective usage first, the healthcare provider needs to scan the patient’s id to register the patient into the software of the HINGMED BP station by barcode scanning or card reading. Then, to start the measurement they need to click on the “Start measurement” button in the BPM software and DBP-01P will automatically perform the whole BP measurement by itself. After a successful measurement, the BP data will be shown and uploaded to the BP software. Finally, the BP management software will transfer the data to the unique folder stored on the HIS server and it will be available for all authorized persons.

What are the advantages of DBP-01P with modern HIS?

Whether doctors need to prescribe the medication, diet, or further checkups, blood pressure data is considered to be an important metric. That is why It is the first thing a doctor prescribes during the visit of a patient. Since the hospitals are always loaded with patients and doctors and nurses are working hard to manage the crowd, human error can occur with both aneroid and digital BP monitors. Sometimes because of different reasons, health practitioners might write the wrong values mistakenly and for bad handwriting, the evaluation mistake also be occurred. However, if the digital blood pressure monitor will connect to the server the whole process will be done without any human interaction and there will be no scope for human error.

Other benefits of clinical automatic BP monitor HINGMED DBP-01P

Not only HINGMED automatic desktop BP monitors are beneficial to HIS system but also the individual design is also quite suitable for the application of massive populations. First of all, for future maintenance, the device is developed with a modular design. So, in case of any failure of parts, the particular module can be disassembled and repaired on-site. With this, the hospitals will not need to send the whole device and wait for the device to be functional again. The device is also equipped with its own rechargeable battery and well-spaced memory system so in case of a power outage the device will continue the measurement and save the data safely. It additionally supports memory cards and different types of transmission ports to save and transmit data. On the other hand, keeping in mind different patients with different heights, HINGMED designed its cuff flexibly in all four directions. So, patients of any height can comfortably measure their blood pressure.

Every time a patient visits the hospital for a health checkup, a BP measurement is a must. So, it is also very necessary that the BP device should connect with the automated HIS system so that the data can be kept more safely. And whether to measure the blood pressure more accurately or work with the HIS system, the HINGMED DBP-01P desktop BP monitor is quite reliable and one of a kind out there.