The Medical Fair Thailand 2023 will be held in Bangkok from September 13, 2023, to September 15, 2023.

About the Medical Fair Thailand.

The Thailand Medical Fair focuses on Hospital, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical,

Medical & Rehabilitation Equipment & Supplies.

As one of the leading Medical fairs in Asia. Thailand Medical Fair provides a communication platform for Medical device manufacturers, medical distributors, medical wholesales IIC, wholesale pharmacies online, medical supply chain companies, doctors, experts, etc.

Medical Fair Thailand 2023 Invitation / Hingmed Medical

Thailand’s medical market is a market full of potential. Around 800 medical device suppliers from the world will bring their medical equipment for exhibition.

Hingmed clinical automatic blood pressure monitors have been working in the Thailand market for 4 consecutive years since the first Hingmed fully automatic blood pressure monitor DBP-01P entered the Thailand market in the year 2020.

DBP-01P is warmly welcomed by Thailand hospitals & medical device distributors and received a super high reputation.

In the year 2023, Hingmed is invited to participate in the Thailand Medical Fair and become one member of the Medical Fair Thailand 2023 exhibitor list.

Hingmed team hereby sincerely invites you to visit the booth of Hingmed at Thailand Medical Exhibition 2023.

Following is booth information for your reference.

Medical Fair Name:Medical Fair Thailand 2023 
TimeSeptember 13,2023 to September 15,2023
Booth of Hingmed T06
The medical products of Hingmed 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure  Monitor,Model WBP-02A,ABP-03.Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor,Model No. DBP-20,DBP-01P,DBP-01HP.Home Use Blood Pressure Monitor,Q06B,V03,V03D.CPAP

Who is Hingmed?

Shenzhen Hingmed Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the leading blood pressure monitor manufacturers from Shenzhen, China. Hingmed is also a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research & development, and production of medical devices including Blood Pressure Monitors and CPAP.

Hingmed’s factory area: 3000 square meters.

Hingmed’s R&D department: Hingmed owns a strong R&D team consisting of 4 algorithm engineers,2 PhDs, and dozens of senior engineers.

Production capacity: 30,000 units/month.

Certificates: CE,iSO13485

Clinical Validations: ESH, ISO 81060-2:2018.

Industry recommendation: Hingmed products are recommended by the Dabl Educational Trust, StrideBP,BIHS, etc.

Mission: Let everyone healthier

What medical devices will you see from Hingmed’s booth during the Medical  Fair Thailand 2023?

In the past ten years, Hingmed has been deeply involved in the blood pressure monitor industry and has developed a series of innovative blood pressure products and solutions that disrupt the industry.

Almost every product of Hingmed with its own unique feature.

  1. 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor. Model No.: WBP-02A.

WBP-02A with a wireless & compact design and motion tolerance technology. While providing accurate readings, it does not affect the daily life of users in the slightest.

It’s one of the best-selling ABPMs in the European market.

WBP-02A has passed ESH clinical validation and with CE certificate.

2) Clinical Automatic BP monitor. Model No.: DBP-01P,DBP-01HP.

Compared with other similar products, DBP-01P and DBP-01HP with an obvious advantage advantage.

Modular design.

DBP-01P and DBP-01HP with a modular design, means most of the parts are detachable. If the machine breaks down, we can detect the failure quickly and replace the parts easily. Hingmed provides training free of charge.

For other brands without a modular design, once their device fails to work, the device should return to the factory or indicated after-sales center for repair.

DBP-01P has passed the clinical validation according to ISO 81060-2:2018 protocol, with a CE certificate.

DBP-01HP with the same technology as DBP-01P, compared with DBP-01P, DBP-01HP with an LCD screen and a built-in Android system. DBP-01HP with CE certificate.

3) The upper arm BP monitor supports Bluetooth. Model No.: Q06B,V03,V03D.

Q06B with a wireless and compact design, it’s the smallest and lightest upper-arm BP monitor with an LCD screen. Q06B supports BT, and can sync BP data to a mobile APP in real-time. Q06B with CE certificate.

Know more about Hingmed Q06B.

V03 with a wireless and compact design, it’s the smallest and lightest upper-arm BP monitor in the whole BP monitor industry. V03 supports BT and can sync BP data to a mobile APP in real-time.

V03 is under the CE process, we may get CE in 2024.

Know more about Hingmed V03 through this link:

V03D is an innovative BP monitor that combines a BP monitor and a charging station.

The BP monitor can sync BP data to the charging station by BT in real time.

The charging station can charge the BP monitor.

The user can measure blood pressure by pressing both the button on the BP monitor and the charging station.

V03D is under the CE process, we may get CE in 2024.

Know more about Hingmed V03D through this link:

Except kinds of the latest blood pressure monitors, the Hingmed team will also first release its CPAP during the Medical Fair 2023.

Indications: central apnea, respiratory failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, carbon dioxide retention.

Ventilation mode: CPAP、APAP、ST、S、T、ASV、AVAPS、APCV.

Resistant sound attenuation, safe noise reduction, avoiding aging particles of sound-absorbing substances

from entering the airway.

Intelligent heating pipeline, anti-condensation drops, and can be sterilized at high temperatures.

Visit Hingmed’s booth at Medical Fair Thailand—T06 to test the CPAP sample.

The last Asia Medical Fair held in Thailand was the exhibition in Bangkok in June 2019.

After 4 years, Medical Fair Thailand is finally back, In 2023 Medical Fair Thailand attracted more than 12,000 international visitors from 80 countries & regions,800 exhibitors from 40 countries & regions, and 22 national & group pavilions. Medical Fair Thailand 2023 is the #1 must-attend medical exhibition.

Hope all the visitors and exhibitors will have a good business trip during the Medical Fair Thailand 2023!