Assessing blood pressure at home is a healthy way to live your regular life and manage your BP. Nowadays, people who are being diagnosed with diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are more apparently using a digital upper arm BP monitor at home. Also, health-conscious individuals are checking their blood pressure every once in a while to stay healthy. Despite every advantage of using a home blood pressure monitor, there is always a doubt in the user’s mind if they are using the device in the correct manner and getting an accurate reading of their blood pressure. The device is not good as long as it can’t assess our blood pressure properly whether how easy to use and convenient it is.

Will the assessment be as accurate as at the doctor’s office?

In recent times, doctors and healthcare providers are also motivating patients to measure their blood pressure by themselves at home. As there are some phenomena like white coat syndrome and masked hypertension are being observed lately. In white coat syndrome, it is found that the patient’s blood pressure reading is high due to anxiety. And on the other hand, it is also noted that some patients’ BP is reacting normally due to the presence of doctors in masked hypertension. Although, assessing blood pressure at a doctor’s office considering more accurate because of white coat syndrome and masked hypertension doctors also recommend their patients measure their blood pressure at home with some specific instructions for accurate results and convenience.

Factors to consider:

To measure our blood pressure accurately at home, we need to pay attention to some factors before and during the measurement. And if we pay very careful attention to these factors and features it is obvious that we can easily take our accurate blood pressure reading at home or anywhere by ourselves.

Hingmed Home Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Right Equipment:  

The most important thing before measuring your blood pressure is a clinically valid blood pressure device. Whether you are doing everything in the correct way in your home or you are in a doctor’s office if you don’t have a clinically valid Blood pressure monitor all the efforts will be in vain. So, it is very necessary to choose your monitor very carefully and check if it is clinically valid or not.

Another factor is to choose the right size of cuff according to your arm circumference if the cuff is too loose or too tight then the reading will in inaccurate.

And in this case, HINGMED blood pressure monitors can help you to have a clinically valid home blood pressure monitor with up to 41CM wide cuff.

Preparation for Measuring the Blood Pressure:

Now when you have a clinically valid BP monitor and you are going to assess your blood pressure before that you have to follow some instructions in order to take an accurate measurement.

Ways To Take an Accurate Blood Pressure
  • Relaxation: The first and most important step for an accurate measurement is body relaxation before the measurement. If your body is not relaxed you will get inaccurate readings. So, sit in a quiet place with a relaxed mind and do not talk for 5 min beforehand.  
  • Food & Drink: Always remember not to intake any kind of heavy meal, alcohol,  caffeine, or energy drinks 30 min before the measurement. Also, avoid smoking 30 min prior to that time.
  • Empty Bladder: A full bladder will impact the reading. So, go to the bathroom and empty your bladder before taking the measurement.
  • Body Posture: Body posture needs to be straight and the back needs to be supported during the monitoring. Also, keep your feet on a flat surface and keep your measuring hand relaxed on a table during the reading. Always remember to keep your legs or ankles uncrossed
  • Cuff position: With the right size of cuff, it is also very important to wear the cuff on the level of your heart to ensure accurate measurement.
  • Cloths: While taking the reading it is recommended to keep a bare arm and not wear tight clothes.

It is also advised to take the reading at the same time and on the same hand every day. It is not very difficult to measure BP accurately at home with an upper-arm blood pressure monitor if patients follow the instructions and do as advise by the doctors. Measuring, with an upper arm BP monitor is the most convenient way to keep track of your blood pressure reading and manage to lead a healthy life