Patient care has evolved significantly over the recent decades. State-of-the-art innovation and up-to-date integrations with different medical device technologies are becoming more and more efficient. From the beginning of the evolution of the medical industry, researchers always tried to find more and more solutions to emphasize healthcare services and ensure them for all patients equally. For this purpose, the world has witnessed different kinds of medical devices and medical terminology over time.  “Kiosks” and “telehealth” technology are some of the revolutionary ideas to assure the best quality healthcare service with self-monitoring features in public health points and hospitals. So, let’s dive into it to know the technology and how exactly the HINGMED DBP-01P bp device will work with the kiosk and contribute to the telehealth service.

What is a kiosk health machine in healthcare?

Kiosk might be a new word to some people which is why to understand kiosk technology, a better way is to know about the machine and how it will work with the telemedicine system. A kiosk is a free-standing machine you will notice in different health points and health care centers where you can take some primary services without the help of a dedicated person. It usually consists of a computer screen, a DBP-01P clinical automatic BP device, a weight scale, and height scale sensors. The machine can come in different sizes and shapes for different persons and different purposes. It can be used both for general purposes and telehealth, if any normal person just wants to measure their height, weight, and BP, they can use the kiosk machine at different health points by paying the charge for the assessment, or in the hospitals, patients can use this all-in-all machine by entering their patient number and after the measurement, it will be directly sent to the HIS server and used for future diagnosis.

Why does a kiosk health machine important in hospitals?

As mentioned earlier kiosk machines are assembled with some primary health services such as BP devices, and height & weight measurements in one place. These are the primary services a hospital suggests their patients do at the beginning of every diagnosis. However, prior to the kiosk health machines, these checkups are performed separately and a dedicated person is always needed for assistance. For example, blood pressure is measured by aneroid or traditional BP devices, and height or weight is measured manually. For small hospitals, managing a low number of populations with these services can be done without facing a lot of issues but with an enormous number of patients in the big healthcare centers providing these checkups smoothly is quite impossible and hard to manage. The provider working with numerous patients might make mistakes in taking the result, the whole checkup procedure definitely will be very time-consuming to finish and patients need to wait in a long line for these three basic checkups. Also, hospitals need to input the result manually into their system to be available for further diagnosis. On the contrary, the kiosk is based on a self-service model, meaning patients will finish the whole process independently without any assistance from a dedicated person. In the whole process done by kiosks, the measurement of blood pressure, height, and weight can be performed quickly at the same time. The result will also be quite accurate as the whole checkup procedure will be completed without human interaction. In short, measuring blood pressure, height, and weight will be done and stored in the hospital information server automatically without any human interactions, it will allow hospitals not to have any dedicated employees and will decrease the possibility of human errors. It will also improve the patient’s experience, provide accurate data and patients don’t have to take the long line for these basic services. With kiosks, the data will also be saved in the cloud server automatically so this automatic process will be very beneficial for both hospitals and patients.

How our BP device DBP-01P will work with the kiosk?

Though the HINGMED clinical automatic blood pressure monitor is a full-fledged blood pressure monitor designed to serve independently for BP measurement, it also can perform its work as an integrated blood pressure device in the kiosk system. With the modular design feature, the cuff module can be separately worked with a kiosk machine. On the kiosk machine, the cuff or the whole machine can be used to measure blood pressure. the cuff can be adjusted in four directions according to the height of the patient. The operating method will be the same as the DBP-01P main model. To measure blood pressure, the patient needs to put their hand in the cuff and press the start button on the kiosk machine and the machine will automatically complete the measurement, display it on the screen and send it to the server at the same time. as the height and weight measurement will be done in a short period so in accordance with it HINGMED developed the measurement cycle to finish in the shortest time within 22s-25s. It is also equipped with a double-pressure transducer that allows about 9999 BP measurements.

Advantages of DBP-01P in telemedicine with kiosk health machine

A HINGMED DBP-01P clinical automatic blood pressure monitor can stay connected with a HIS server integrated both with BP management software independently or with the kiosk integration system. However, it is no doubt, integration with kiosk health machines will also be very beneficial than working alone. In the e-health sector, DBP-01P digital blood pressure will be advantageous with kiosk machines and will serve more on its purpose. To ensure great patient care DBP-01P not only measures BP but also detects pulse rate and irregular heartbeat. In hospitals, integrated with kiosk DBP-01P will always connect to the hospital server and upload the data in real-time.  

Nowadays, kiosks become a great assistance to manage patients for big hospitals. The best advantage is, the device can be used in both general health points and healthcare centers and serve a lot of people with their blood pressure, heart rate, irregular pulse detection, and height & weight measurement. Normally instant BP measurement is one of the focusing services in kiosk health machines and traditionally it can only measure blood pressure. However, with HINGMED clinical automatic BP monitor, kiosks will also provide pulse rate and irregular pulse detection in seconds.