“It’s so exciting that we got an announcement, our medical devices DBP-01P and DBP-01HP got the FDA last night!” Mr. Zhang, CEO of HINGMED (a medical devices manufacturer)said. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of drugs, medical devices, food supplies, cosmetics, products, and so on. By getting the FDA clearance, HINGMED makes a huge advance in ensuring people’s health and safety, paving the way for healthcare innovation.

The Hardship of Innovation

Hypertension is a leading factor in death and disability worldwide. Regularly checking blood pressure gives you a chance to take good care of your health and brain. For the patient’s health, HINGMED is always dedicated to managing high blood pressure syndromes. In some serious situations, hypertension leads to disability, risk of losing their job, what’s worse, even a deadly heart attack or stroke. However, it is difficult to achieve innovation on the path to meeting the rigorous requirements. HINGMED has been sticking to the research and development of blood pressure monitors year after year. As the vanguard of fully automatic blood pressure monitors, we first got the CE1639 confirmation. After obtaining the CE certification, our fully automatic blood pressure monitors, DBP-01P & DBP-01HP, have now secured the FDA certification after years of anticipation. With this milestone achieved, we are poised to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, offering enhanced solutions for better management of cardiovascular disease and improving overall well-being.

FDA Approved Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitoring plays an essential role in preventing heart disease and stroke. According to the American Heart Association, in the US, on average, over 40% of adults have high blood pressure.

It is important to get a reliable blood pressure reading so that the patient can better treatment in the early signs of high blood pressure. Viewing these conditions, HINGMED has developed fully automatic blood pressure monitors that are significantly more accurate than conventional models compared to the wrist BP monitor designed to downsize cardiovascular events caused by hypertension. Approved by the authorities of the US, this milestone device assists medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. Here is a glimpse of the FDA-approved evidence:

“ This summary of 510(K) safety and effectiveness information is being submitted in accordance with the requirement of 21 CFR 807.92.”

                                                 -HINGMED blood pressure monitor DBP01P and DBP-01HP approved by the FDA

Delving into the FDA Blood Pressure Monitors

Exclude from the wrist BP monitor (inaccurate), most people see the upper arm blood pressure monitor for self-measurement. Take a little glimpse, which one can you see the blood pressure monitor in the hospital? DBP-01P clinical automatic blood pressure monitor gets rid of the common appearance, choosing the distinctive model. The most prominent advantages of the DBP-01P clinical blood pressure monitor come into view.

Clinically Validated: FDA clearance makes a stepping stone for guaranteeing people’s health and safety, Approved by ISO 81060-2:2018 protocol sets the clinical accuracy in blood pressure monitoring.

Printer Function: Diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, HR (heart rate), and MAP (mean arterial pressure) values will synchronize on the screen as soon as being measured on the device.

LED Display Screen: Vivid blood pressure numbers are displayed on the screen, so patients can better know the health state sticking out a mile.

Self-Service Measurement: The device can be measured by yourself by switching the right or left arm. Just simply click the “start” button, and DBP-01P automatically tracks your blood pressure.

DBP-01HP Secures FDA Approval

The clearance by the FDA marks a significant milestone not only for HINGMED but also for the medical community. To improve patient care, the DBP-01HP fully automatic blood pressure monitor catches the clinic’s eye with extraordinary benefits.

Backed by clinical validation from both CE and FDA authorities, our blood pressure monitors stand out as the epitome of accuracy, reliability, and precision. Make the informed choice for unparalleled quality in monitoring your health.

Patented Cuff: Standard anti-bacterial and comfortable cuff is suitable for different ages automatically contracting from 17 to 42cm.

8’’ LCD Color Display: Compared to the LED screen, the color display screen shows the blood pressure stages obviously without any burden.

One Button Operation: With just one button clicking, the fully automatic blood pressure device will have BP readings no need to worry about clicking the other buttons.

Fast & Accurate Measurement: It only takes 22-25 seconds to generate blood pressure reports with patients, guaranteeing treatment efficiency with accuracy.  

Modular Design: Extremely facilitate the dissembling of machines in case the device has troubleshooting.

And Save time for medical staff to do the important things.

A New Release of DBP-01HP Blood Pressure Kiosk

Some people may feel puzzled about the similar function of two different blood pressure machines, let’s reveal the riddle of this recently released blood pressure kiosk DBP-01HP achieved FDA clearance.

ID Scanning: Connecting to the HIS, provide ID scanning to track and store patients’ health records. Patients can use medical insurance cards, ID cards, or magnetic stripe cards to check blood pressure status in real-time.

Audio Function: With easy access to data when hearing the measurements, doctors can make the following diagnosis instantly.

LCD Color Screen: Patients can get a picture of their blood pressure readings when they do the health check-up.

Smart Telehealth: The digital smart DBP-01HP blood pressure kiosk adopts electronic data to access the blood pressure numbers avoiding the waste of paper.

Vision of Preventing Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disorders

It is undeniable that the stark reality from the “silent killer,” an estimated 1.3 billion adults were affected by hypertension. Hypertension usually has no symptoms and can be dangerous if it is not well treated. Select blood pressure monitors approved by authoritative organizations. Further, you can be the sourcing of blood pressure monitors to help people who have been bothered by cardiovascular disorders for a long time.

The revolutionary blood pressure monitors DBP-01HP and DBP-01P clear the FDA hurdle, making a great achievement for people’s health.  Ushering a new era of healthcare excellence, HINGMED always adheres to the vision of preventing high blood pressure disease and always does the best blood pressure device for patients.