Shenzhen’s “specialized & innovative” small and medium-sized enterprise recognition is one of the most prestigious acknowledgments for Shenzhen-based manufacturing companies. This eminent gratitude has been awarded to the companies for their remarkable contribution to their new generation and high-end technological products to society. And in 2022, for its innovative and cutting-edge & innovative technology and compliance with the national industry, and technical policies, HINGMED has been recognized as Shenzhen’s “specialized & innovative” small and medium-sized enterprise.

What is a specialized & innovative enterprise?

Specialized and innovative companies are mainly focused on the next generation technologies, high-tech equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, and other types of high-end technological content. These enterprises consistently use advanced equipment and technology, perfect their management systems, & grasp strong market competitiveness, and played a leading role in the innovation and transformation as small and medium-sized enterprises.

HINGMED’s qualities as a specialized & innovative enterprise

HINGMED has been recognized for its corporate qualities and mindset toward the manufacturing of new kinds of technologies and products. The special characteristics that made HINGMED eligible for this acknowledgment are:

Specialization: Manufacturing its products with new & cutting-edge technology and with strong specificity and professional characteristics make HINGMED the specialist in blood pressure monitors and respiratory devices. The enterprise not only understands the market segment but also comprehends the market’s actual demand. Through years of experience in research & development, the company specialized in product use, production process, new technology, and development of products in different market segments.

Preciseness: Since the establishment of the company, HINGMED always seeks for maximum accuracy in its blood pressure monitoring and respiratory solution. In accordance with the concept of excellence, the establishment of sophisticated and efficient production systems and processes, and carefully observing the design of the products and production of advanced products through strict management HINGMED vision, accuracy is the key. With that vision, the company produces clinically accurate BP monitoring and respiratory solution

Uniqueness: Medical devices, particularly the blood pressure monitoring industry faded with old-fashioned and traditional BP monitors. HINGMED brings uniqueness to both its clinical and home blood pressure monitors. It introduced its BP devices without any external tube or wire. Using unique techniques, advanced technologies, formulas, or special raw materials, & including special features to the blood pressure monitoring devices it has successfully won the users’ and healthcare providers’ hearts with different and reliable unique products.

Innovative: HINGMED always tries to be more innovative and creative with its devices. relying on independent innovation, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements this enterprise registered several intellectual property rights through the R&D of different BP monitors for hospitals and homes. In the journey of perfecting the devices and seeking accuracy, it has produced innovative and advanced products, high technological content, and significant economic and social benefits.

Innovative & high-tech products of HINGMED

Being persistent with the company’s motto of making everyone’s blood pressure healthier, HINGMED developed and commercialized a wide range of BP monitoring devices for both households and hospitals to ensure healthier blood pressure among its users. To assure accurate BP monitoring HINGMED provides-

Clinical Desktop Blood Pressure Monitors:

To assure massive usage in hospitals and healthcare centers of Clinical BP monitors, HINGMED develop its clinical BP device with a modular and ergonomic design. It means the different parts of

the device can be detached separately and easily if maintenance is required and patients with different heights can comfortably measure their BP as the cuff can be adjusted in four directions. The device features with natural voice guidance, a large display, elbow position & BP rise detection. It also ensures fast measurement and easy usage for the massive populations in hospitals with one-button operation and 25s measurement time.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors:

In ABPM or ambulatory blood pressure monitoring industry the greatest task was to keep

the continuity of the monitoring with comfort and reliable analysis. Usually, in traditional ABPM AA batteries and an external tube, and a bag to hold the ABPM are used, and that disrupts the comfort of the patients in a different way. Whereas HINGMED’s new and innovative ambulatory blood pressure monitor WBP-02A is real-wearable and without any kind of external tube or bag.

With new and strong anti-interference and posture detection technologies, it ensures accurate measurement for a 24 or 48-hour ABPM cycle. It has also surpassed the traditional ABPM analysis barriers and made the software more user-friendly and accurate for analysis.

It is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable Li-battery so continuity of monitoring may not disrupt at any cost. And for accuracy, this compact & lightweight device is certified with ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and stride BP validation.

Smart Home Blood Pressure Monitors:

As home blood pressure monitoring is as equally important as measuring in hospitals and sometimes it becomes more important to detect the earlier cardiovascular issues, HINGMED has engaged in this segment and developed to bring the innovation to its next level by introducing its at-home smart BP monitors Q06, Q06B, V03, and V03D. Considering there is no healthcare

 professionals available during the monitoring at home HINGMED made its home blood pressure monitors the most user-friendly ever. Along with natural voice guidance, the home BP devices also have features to detect misoperation, and irregular heartbeat. It also surpassed some common problems such as with cuff, the device is equipped with a 360° intelligent wrap cuff so patients can easily ware the cuff from both sides, and for recording the previous data patients can use the “HINGMED BP” multi-user supported APP and analyze their previous measurements.

HINGMED always visualizes futuristic and innovative products in different segments of BP monitoring and respiratory solutions and to make that in reality it always aims to provide the best BP monitors worldwide. For that reason and being at the leading level in the BP industry in terms of market, quality, efficiency, or development, it becomes one of Shenzhen’s “specialized & innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises.