In December 2022, HINGMED tubeless smart blood pressure monitor V03D achieved the design patent certificate authorized by the State intellectual property office.

The traditional desktop BP monitors have a half-meter-long tube attached to the cuff and the BP monitor. It appears to be very inconvenient to use as the tube usually warps around the arm and the user needs to find a suitable place to keep the monitor during measurement. Although HINGMED V03D is still equipped with a cuff and the BP monitor, it has surpassed the air tube problem for good. In HINGMED V03D there is no air tube between the cuff and the BP device. It eliminates the trouble of winding and the limitation of the distance between the arm and the main device during measurement and greatly improves the convenience and comfort of the user. This technology is HINGMED’s own intellectual property (Patent No. ZC2020188).

The second innovation of V03D is a cuff storage case. Traditionally, home-use blood pressure monitor cuffs cannot be stored and can only be kept scattered next to the device. But HINGMED V03D has a special cuff storage design. The cuff can be kept on the back of the main device safely, and the magnetic attachment ensures a perfect fit for the placement!

The third development is the invention of a fashionably designed monitor. The appearance of traditional desktop blood pressure monitors mostly reflects a professional medical sense, and the shape is more traditional. Whereas HINGMED V03D incorporates home and smart features in the design, and the integrated simple and stylish shape with full functionality!

With features like elegant and ingenious design concepts, ultimate minimalist aesthetics, convenience, uniqueness, and fashionable! HINGMED V03D is a new product with both a great appearance and features and is recommended by many doctors and users.

HINGMED’s blood pressure monitors have been widely recognized throughout the domestic and foreign markets, and are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other countries. They have also passed the clinical verification of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and obtained the certification of UKCA and became the recommended products of the European Society of Hypertension & the British Society of Hypertension (BIHS).

Moreover, HINGMED is committed to intense research and product development, it also attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. At present, HINGMED has obtained 24 patents including invention patents and 13 software copyrights, and there are many other upcoming patents that will be achieved in the near future.

In the future, HINGMED also will continue to increase its R&D and innovation, and bring more professional, medically accurate & elegant blood pressure monitoring and respiratory products for the users.