The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)-2023 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai on May 14-17, 2023.

The exhibition becomes a significant place to bring different brands together with their innovative products and helps global distributors, resellers, manufacturers, doctors, and regulators to develop cooperation and network among them. And to showcase its wide range of innovative solutions for blood pressure monitoring HINGMED will attend the expo at booth number 1.1C31(Hall 1.1. )Welcome to visit us!

On this occasion, HINGMED will showcase its modern and advanced solutions for both clinical and home BP monitors.  

01. Clinical Automatic Desktop BP Monitor; DBP-01P

With fast & accurate measurements in 25s, the HINGMED Clinical desktop

blood pressure monitor is very suitable for mass BP measurement in hospitals

and healthcare centers. To ensure the massive usage of the device, it is

developed with a Flexible cuff and one-button operation that ensures patient

comfort and easy to use feature. Assuring super long service and modular

design for easy maintenance DBP-01P is the best for clinical usage.

02. Wearable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor; WBP-02A

In the wearable device industry, WBP-02A is a real wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor. With strong anti-interference and posture detection abilities, it has surpassed the traditional ABPM inconveniences so, patients don’t need to wear the belt or feel uncomfortable with external tubes anymore. This small, compact & lightweight device has a built-in rechargeable Li-battery that allows monitoring continuously without any interference. Gone through many certifications such as ESH and stride BP validation it provides accurate data and analysis system for better diagnosis

03. Traditional Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor; ABP-03

HINGMED also offers traditional ABPM for patients. Powered by AA batteries

ABP-03 ambulatory BP monitor is quite a small & lightweight device than

other traditional ABPMs. The motion tolerance technology helps the device

with accurate & consistent measurements.  

04. wireless Upper Arm Home BP Monitor; Q06B

With an ultra-lightweight body and 360° intelligent wrap cuff, Q06B is one of

the best blood pressure monitors for home use allowing patients to analyze

their BP data with HINGMED’s own multi-user supported APP. Not only does it

allows patients to measure their BP numerous times it also offers features

including cuff self-check and irregular pulse detection.

05. Innovative Smart BP Monitor; V03D

Home BP monitor V03D has developed especially for spouses to monitor their

BP together. With a 6.0” super large display the device allows saving two

users’ BP data for further analysis. Including the features of Q06B both the

main device and the measurement device have their own built-in

rechargeable battery and are connected via Bluetooth that allows long-

range BP measurement for up to 20m.

06. Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor; V03

HINGMED V03 smart BP device is the most suitable for carrying it anywhere. Its

compact and portable design allows you to carry it when you are traveling.

Also, magnetic charging helps to connect the charger to the device easily for

more convenience. This device also has a multi-user APP supported that

allows users to analyze and monitor their BP data with their android and iOS

devices anywhere.

Since the establishment of the company, HINGMED is devoted to developing its products more innovative and convenient for both cardiovascular and respiratory patients all over the world. Focusing on more accuracy, comfort, and easy-to-use devices HINGMED equipped its devices with different features such as natural voice broadcasting guidance, a super large display, a multi-user supported APP and many more. And for this commitment and dedication, it has also been rewarded with domestic recognitions and passed different international certifications such as ESH, ISO 81060-2:2018 Dabl Educational Trust, STRIDE BP, etc, and to experience our uncompromising quality-controlled and innovative medical devices we welcome you to visit us at booth number 1.1C31, Hall 1.1 in CMEF.