Blood pressure monitoring at home is one of the methods to control BP and decrease sudden cardiovascular issues for hypertension patients. It often helps them to analyze their heart health and take precautions to avoid any heart problems. Without knowing the data none can take any actions on their diet or other lifestyles. However, there are many issues that patients face with the existing traditional aneroid or digital BP devices because of their lack of expertise in BP monitoring. Eventually, a person can be knowledgeable with time but for new beginners or those who measure their BP occasionally, it can be harder for them. Observing the issues and making the BP assessment more comfortable HINGMED introduce its 360° self-warping patented cuff in the home BP device sector.

What is a 360° cuff?

You might get confused with the word “360°” and think what does it mean by 360° cuff? It means patients can wear the device in any direction. Commonly, if you observe a usual BP monitor available in the market you will see, the cuff of the BP monitor is connected to its main device with a tube and there is an artery mark on the cuff. Every time a patient has to measure their BP, they have to keep that artery mark on their upper arm artery also because of that patients have to use one side of the cuff for assessment even if they are not comfortable.

On the other hand, a 360° cuff can be worn in any direction, so there is no need to worry about the cuff position. Also, with the tubeless design patients can wear the cuff from both sides according to their comfort.

What does it mean by self-warping cuff?

This is another issue that every at-home BP device user face at the very starting point of their assessment. A self-warping cuff allows the patient to wear the device correctly by themselves. Normally, in conventional digital BP devices, the cuff is made with only the bladder and cloth. It will shrink after use and next time whenever the patient intends to use the device, they most probably can’t wear the cuff by themselves. Assistance will always be needed to wear the cuff properly. Whereas, with self-warping cuffs, patients will not need any assistance to wear the cuff and they can do it by themselves.

In HINGMED home BP monitors, there are several elastic pieces of shrapnel arranged side by side so that the cuff can automatically warp in a circular shape around the arm. Also, there are gaps between each elastic piece of shrapnel that help the cuff to perform inflation by flowing air quickly and air can penetrate the entire airbag. This method helps the cuff to distribute the pressure inside the airbag rapidly and evenly and ensures a quick and accurate measurement. The technology has been patented by HINGMED in 2021.

What are the benefits of a 360° Self-warping Cuff for Home BP monitors?

For both new and experienced users of BP devices, the 360° self-warping cuff is a blessing. Unlike the other conventional BP devices, with these kinds of cuffs patients can wear them easily and in any direction. HINGMED home BP monitors Q06, Q06B, V03 & V03D all have the same features of self-warping and it allows patients to wear the device without any help. To achieve these characteristics the BP monitors need to be tubeless and it should be taken care of so that the devices will not be compromised in terms of accuracy.

Following that way, the home BP monitor segment of HINGMED achieves tubeless design so patients can easily wear the blood pressure device from both sides as they are comfortable. Introducing the idea of a 360° self-warping cuff is to give the patients more comfort along with accuracy and reliability. So, the patients can do the assessment and analysis by themselves and they don’t have to depend on any help to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Other advanced features of HINGMED home BP monitors

There are 4 different models Q06, Q06B, V03, & V03D in the HINGMED home blood pressure monitors segment. These devices are quite compact, portable, and small so it is easy to carry anywhere. Aside from the self-warping and 360° cuff features HINGMED home BP monitors are equipped with many other features too. Along with accurately measuring patients’ BP in 30s the device can easily detect any kind of misoperation, irregular pulse, and whether the cuff is worn properly. The devices have strong Bluetooth connectivity that allows real-time data transmission to its own dedicated APP or main device. Talking about APP, HINGMED has its own analysis multi-user APP that can store unlimited data and patients can easily analyze their previous blood pressure data anytime. Also, its long battery life and natural voice broadcasting helps the patients use it more efficiently.

In at-home BP monitoring, self-warping and 360° cuff features became recognized and renowned features among doctors and patients. To make everyone’s BP healthier, HINGMED home blood pressure monitors allowed their new and existing patients to assess and analyze their BP more accurately and more professionally.