Medical science is advancing day by day with advanced technology. A few years ago, technology usage in medical science needed to be improved. But nowadays, it is easier to run something with technology.

A smart blood pressure monitor is one of the blessings of technology. A few years ago, people needed to visit a clinic to get their blood pressure readings. But the smart blood pressure monitor has reduced this hassle by making this product a daily driver.

What is a smart blood pressure monitor?

Hypertension has been a common issue among people for a long time. At the same time, it was essential to control hypertension, so a blood pressure monitor was invented.

The concept of the blood pressure monitor was proposed in the 18th century. Day by day, the blood pressure monitor’s features were advancing. At this point, the latest version of the blood pressure monitor is a smart blood pressure monitor.

It is just an updated version of the blood pressure monitor, which offers advanced features. One can operate this magical device by using a smartphone. Nowadays, this version of the blood pressure monitor is considered a daily driver device as smartphones.

At what ages can people use a smart blood pressure monitor?

Generally, a smart blood pressure monitor is usually suitable for ages 18 or older. The usage of this device can differ from various ages in adulthood because, with increasing age, the BP level can vary.

In early adulthood, people can use it to balance their high blood pressure. However, a smart blood pressure monitor often becomes an essential medical device for older adults suffering from hypertension.

On the other hand, pregnant women need frequent measurements; in that case, a smart blood pressure monitor can be used, but following a healthcare professional would be more meaningful.

How accurate is the smart heart blood pressure monitor?

Due to calibration, most of the smart blood pressure monitors are accurate, but the accuracy can differ from brands and models. Generally, reliable brands always ensure accurate readings before launching the final product in the market.

Also, the accuracy can depend on the user’s usage. If a user operates it wrongly, he can’t expect accurate results. Almost every BP manufacturer gives a user manual in the box, or they make videos or blog posts on their official website as a tutorial.

Also, these smart blood pressure monitors need regular calibration; the calibration timing depends on different models and brands. The smart BP monitors are accurate, but the results may differ sometimes depending on the user’s usability.

Why a smart blood pressure monitor is a suitable tool for hypertension patients?

There are many reasons why smart blood pressure monitors can be an essential tool for high BP patients. If you’re a hypertension patient, you must keep this magical device. Because operating a blood pressure monitor nowadays is easy. With the help of a smartphone, anyone can perform smart blood pressure monitors.

  • The smart blood pressure monitor works based on wifi or Bluetooth technology, which makes the device more compact.
  • You can connect the device with compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • You will get access to a smart BP application where you can track and record all the readings.
  • It produces accurate readings within a moment and transfers them to the smart BP application.
  • The whole device is designed based on wireless technology, so there is no hassle of wires.
  • The wireless design makes the device light and portable, which you can bring and travel anywhere.
  • Some smart blood pressure monitors suggest lifestyle changes according to individuals’ health conditions.
  • It can remind you and alert you if something is going wrong with your health.
  • This revolutionary device can be synchronized with other health software such as telehealth or e-health.
  • Some particular models of smart blood pressure monitors support multiple user profiles, which is helpful for family members.

Best smart blood pressure monitor for high BP patients

Semi Average, Average, and decent smart blood pressure monitors are available online and offline. But finding the best product from the wide variety is challenging. We test medical devices regularly and sometimes need help choosing the best one.

But to make your job easier, we are here with our expert point of view. We recommend the Hingmed Q06B upper arm digital blood pressure monitor made by Hingmed in Shenzhen, China.


The Hingmed Q06B is an upper-arm digital blood pressure monitor which is based on Oscillometric technology. This technology helps the device to produce readings quickly. This device can generate readings within a few seconds.

This Bluetooth-based smart blood pressure monitor is less in weight and is portable. The cuff with the product is very versatile, which ensures proper fit with the arm. Also, the cloth of the cuff is bacteria-proof. A built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable battery ensures 250 times measurement in just only one full charge.

The monitor can be controlled from a smartphone via a smart BP application. This device needs Bluetooth technology to sync with the app. Lastly, the Hingmed Q06B meets the quality parameters of European medical device standards.

The Hingmed Q06B has almost all the advanced features that an ideal smart blood pressure monitor should have. Also, we used this product to measure blood pressure, and the results are accurate and fast.

It is also light, and we find it easy to carry it from one place to another. If you’re confused about choosing a smart blood pressure monitor, you should try this product once; it’s a worthy purchase.

Additional features of a smart blood pressure monitor

A smart blood pressure monitor has all the features of a regular blood pressure monitor. But the difference between a normal blood pressure monitor and a smart blood pressure monitor is that the smart one has some useful advanced additional features.

  • Some specific smart blood pressure monitor offers multiple user profiles on their application.
  • The smart BP monitors can warn you if your heartbeat isn’t normal.
  • This version of the BP monitor can store your blood pressure readings and enables a user to analyze these readings in the future.
  • This device can indicate different colors depending on blood pressure level.
  • Some smart blood pressure monitors have a morning hypertension tracking system; morning is essential for measuring blood pressure.
  • It can produce a print copy after every measurement and tells the results by voice commands depending on different models and brands.

How to use a smart blood pressure monitor?

Operating a blood pressure monitor was more complicated a few years ago. But nowadays, smart blood pressure monitors are easy to use. This version of the blood pressure monitor enables a user to enjoy a better operating experience.

  • First, turn on your smart blood pressure monitor; it could be a Bluetooth-based BP monitor.
  • Try to choose a perfect cuff according to your arm size, then place the cuff properly to get accurate readings (make sure there’s a gap of two fingers between the cuff and arm)
  • Enter the smart BP application; different brands have different applications. It would help if you had a Bluetooth connection to sync the device with the application, depending on the different model.
  • Then, start the device, and the cuff will take measurements gradually by inflation.
  • At the time of measurement, try to stay quiet and calm; choose a quiet place before taking measures.
  • After completing the measurement, you can store the readings on the application and share them with any medical expert.
  • Turn off the device and, always calibrate the device from time to time, and replace the battery if needed. These factors are influential because they can make a difference in results.


There was a time when everyone used to think blood pressure measurement meant something related to the medical clinic. But nowadays, with the blessings of technology, BP monitors are common in every home.

Smart blood pressure monitor forces a user to make a habit of daily blood pressure measurement. Lastly, it is always better to take advice from a medical expert before purchasing any medical device.