1. Are home blood pressure monitors accurate?  

There are one kind of home blood pressure monitors that are worn on the upper arm, which are more accurate than wrist blood pressure monitors. What’s more, doctors recommend upper arm home blood pressure monitors. That’s the reason the wearing position is on the upper arm close to the heart, so you can better monitor the blood pressure records. And, the difference should be in the 3mmHg. Hingmed home blood pressure monitors are recommended by the authority. Q06B, Q06 is verified by CE and has passed ISO13845:2016.

2. Which home blood pressure monitors are most accurate?

Hingmed home blood pressure monitors are the most accurate brand, widely used in many countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, and many others.

3. What home blood pressure monitors do doctors recommend?

Hingmed is recommended by doctors, as the best top-rated home blood pressure monitor, clinically validated, consistent, and accurate.

4. Why is the home blood pressure monitoring?

Home blood pressure is more easily monitored patients blood pressure at home. And do the following constructions under the doctor’s instruction. So it’s important to buy a certificated home blood pressure monitor. Hingmed Q06B is certified by CE, ISO13845.

5. Can home blood pressure monitors detect arrhythmia?

 Hingmed home blood pressure monitors can detect heart rate. If there is an irregular heartbeat, a home blood pressure monitor, like Q06B will detect this situation.

6. Do you have the home blood pressure for large arms?

Sure, Hingmed home blood pressure monitors provide additional cuffs for patients to choose from. The patients can pick the large cuff for large arms between 22-41cm.   

7. Do home blood pressure monitors measure for obese patients?

Obese patients can use the large cuff(22-41cm) for home blood pressure monitors.

8. Can blood pressure monitors detect atrial fibrillation?

Atrial Fibrillation is an abnormal heart rhythm. About 20% of strokes are caused by AFib.  Hingmed WBP-02A can detect irregular heart rhythms on the computer to easily control the underlying risks.

9. Are home blood pressure monitors with the App?

Q06B and V03(home blood pressure monitors) can be synced with the App.

10. Which is the best home blood pressure monitors with Bluetooth?

Q06B and V03 can be connected with Bluetooth on the phone. V03D can be connected with Bluetooth on the desktop.

11. Which one is better, home blood pressure monitors vs doctor?

Home blood pressure monitors can be more accurate than a doctor’s office. They can be used to diagnose hypertension and identify white coast syndrome and masked hypertension. The long-term recording of blood pressure values can be valuable data for the following treatment. Please note if you stop or change your medication, you should ask a physician.

12. Why do two measurement data have a big difference?

Frequently repeated recording would press the arm resulting in poor blood circulation. And the blood pressure will fluctuate. Recommend to rest for 5 to 15 minutes to do the second measurement.

13. Why do measurements have a huge difference at the same hospital?

At the hospital, patients may have a white syndrome coat when they see the doctors, they feel nervous. The blood has too much catecholamine so that the heartbeat becomes fast. The peripheral vasculature shrinks leading to too much hindrance. Hence, the blood pressure goes up.

14. Can home blood pressure monitors record heartbeat?

Yes, it can record heartbeat. The blood pressure and heartbeat can both be recorded.

15. How is the blood pressure range?

Systolic blood pressure range: 40-260mmHg. Diastolic blood pressure range: 20-210mmHg. Heart rate range:40-200bpm.

16. Can home blood pressure monitors be taken on the plane?

Yes, it can be taken on the plane. They both use environmentally friendly lithium batteries.

17. How to turn off the home blood pressure monitor?

When the Q06B screen is on, press and hold for 5 seconds to release. It shows the black screen meaning the device shuts down successfully.

When the V03 screen is on, press and hold the device for six minutes to release. The red light flashes for 5 seconds meaning the device shuts down.  

V03D desktop: Press and hold the two buttons of the “Dad test” and “Mom test” for 5 seconds to release it.

V03D arm end: Press and hold for 6 seconds to release it. The red flashes for 5 seconds meaning the device shuts down successfully. (If you need to measure blood pressure every day, you don’t need to shut down the device.)

18. Can V03D be synced with the phone’s Bluetooth?

No, V03D is on the upper arm end that needs to connect with the desktop Bluetooth.

19. Why cannot the arm end connect to the desktop end Bluetooth?

Put the arm end back into the slot. After returning it to the correct position, take it out again and press the button on the arm end. If the arm end does not connect successfully, long press for 10 seconds when it flashes a blue light. Reactive Bluetooth. If it is still not successful, shut down the arm end and the table end to start again.

20. How long is the battery life?

Q06B: After fully charged, if you measure the blood pressure two to three times a day, it can sustain 60 days to measure 200 times.

V03: After fully charged, if you measure the blood pressure two to three times a day, the battery can sustain 15 days to measure 60 times.

V03D: After fully charged, if you measure the blood pressure two to three times a day, the battery can sustain 14 days to measure 50 times. (After measurements, the arm end needs to be put back to the desktop end.)

21. Which App should the phone be downloaded?

Q06B and V03 can search Hingemd BP on Google Play or the App Store.

22. Why cannot the Bluetooth be connected?

1. Searching for a Bluetooth connection on the phone settings is wrong. The correct connection way is to search and connect Bluetooth on the App page. Before connecting, turn on Bluetooth and position of the mobile phone. The position must allow for obtaining location information.

2. If you still cannot connect to the device. Please shut down the machine to restart it. Or long-press the main machine for 10 seconds to reactivate the Bluetooth and use the app to search for the Bluetooth(V03).

3. The device has low power and cannot connect to Bluetooth to measure blood pressure.

23. Why is the measurement inaccurate?

1. Please check whether you take the hypotension before measurement and identify which machine is the data compared with.

2. When the blood pressure monitor with a trachea is inflated, the gas passing through the pipe will weaken the pressure resulting in inaccurate measurements. After an interface with a trachea is plugged in and out many times, it inclines to loosen or air leakage, which is also one of the reasons causing inaccurate measurements.

3. If they use a wrist blood pressure monitor or watch to measure, they will result in inaccurate data. In the hospital, they measure blood pressure on the upper arm close to the heart, which is more accurate.

24. Can the phone see the remote results?

No, home blood pressure monitors don’t have this function at present.

25. Does the App need to register by phone number?

No, it needs to be registered by the user name.

26. Why cannot the App track the history record?

On the App page, click the three horizontal lines-settings-NB management. Delete the device ID. Swipe left to delete the number to see the records.

27. How to correctly use the “Hingmed BP” App?

We will provide you with the operation video of using “Hingmed BP”.

28. Is it rechargeable?

Yes, it uses a lithium battery.

29. Why does V03 device run out of power for less than a week? and the battery is not durable?

Is the device charged when you receive it? Because the factory presets a small amount of power for customers to test the machine, please charge it fully before using it when you receive the goods. If used correctly, V03 can be used for 15 days when it is fully charged.

30. Why is V03 not reactive to the charging? I charged it within a few hours, but no response.

Please use the special magnetic suction line, 5V 1A/2A charger. In the charging state, it is a red light. When fully charged, it is a green light.

31. V03D device ran out of power for less than a week. Why is the battery not durable?

Please charge it fully before using it when you receive the goods. Use the matching charging cable to charge. After measurement, the arm end must be correctly returned to the card slot on the desktop.  If used correctly, V03D can be used for 15 days on a full charge.

32. Are home blood pressure monitors use on the upper arm or the wrist?

Upper arm.

The American Heart Association (AMA) recommends that patients choose home monitoring or self-measured blood pressure at home.

What to look for a home blood pressure monitor:

Tubeless, high-tech, portable.

360° wireless cuff free to wear.

Clinically validated, CE, ISO13845:2016

Intelligent pressurization, and comfort without any hassle.

Provide consistent and reliable data to monitor the health state.

No clue which one to select? Hingmed Q06B suits your need for additional home blood pressure monitors to consider.