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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring(ABPM) is a method to measure and monitoring blood pressure on a continuous basis.

ABPM records patient’s blood pressure in their daily life under different states,even record patient’s blood pressure in different postures.Compared with sitting nervously in a doctor’s office to measure blood pressure,ABPM provides a complete set of blood pressure data in a certain period of time.It’s allows doctors to understand patients blood pressure more acurrate.

Hingmed ambulatory blood pressure monitor is very easy to use.The steps as below:

1).Doctor program.

2) Patient wear Hingmed ambulatory blood pressure monitor for 24 hours according to doctor’s instructions.HINGMED WBP-02A is a wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor,it’s easy to wear and won’t affect patient’s daily life.Patient can wear it when working,sleeping…WBP-02A will record blood pressure data automatically.

3) Patient return HINGMED WBP-02A to doctor.Doctor upload blood pressure data to HINGMED software,and generate report.

With accurate reading and wearable design,HINGMED WBP-02A is the best 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

As the home blood pressure monitor needs to be portable, easier to use & understand, doctors recommend HINGMED home BP monitor Q06B. Because the device is ultra-lightweight and it allows patients to measure their BP with one click on the APP and also provides all the previous BP data. With the multi-user-supported & auto synchronized HINGMED BP app, patients can easily track their previous BP data and analyze it.

Yes. The machine needs to be calibrated every 2 years after starting to use the device. Contact HINGMED or HINGMED’s local dealer for calibration.

There are different facts that can be responsible for inflated or high blood pressure readings. Intaking alcohol, heavy meal, or carbonated drinks & smoking within 30 min of the measurement can cause inflated BP readings. Also, this effect can be caused if the patient has a full bladder during the measurement and performs any exercises before the assessment.

No, a low battery will not affect blood pressure reading in HINGMED blood pressure monitors but it is recommended to use a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor when it is fully charged. If the machine’s battery is insufficient, it might not complete the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring continuously.

HINGMED 24-hour ambulatory BP monitor is equipped with a rechargeable Li-battery to finish the 24-hour or 48-hour ambulatory measurement smoothly.

HINGMED APP is freely available for iOS and Android devices in Apple App and Google Play store.

Irregular heartbeat is referred to as heartbeats that vary from the average of all heartbeats during the BP assessment.

Yes. HINGMED home BP monitor can easily detect patients’ irregular heartbeat and along with that, it can detect high BP, cuff self-check, and misoperation. The cuff self-check features also can detect whether the cuff has been worn properly.

HINGMED Clinical Automatic BP monitor; DBP-01P has achieved ±3mmHg accuracy and has passed the clinical validation according to ISO 81060-2:2018 protocol. It is also a recommended product in Stride BP and Dabl educational trust.

For personal usage HINGMED smart home blood pressure monitor-Q06B will be a better choice. It is renowned for its lightweight and portability. HINGMED Q06B can transfer BP data to HINGMED BP App in real-time.

HINGMED 24-hour ABPM is very accurate for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.  The device is ESH validated and a recommended product in Stride BP and Dabl educational trust.

HINGMED at-home BP monitor matched with a 22-41cm cuff.

HINGMED ABPM Software is available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

HINGMED team can customize any language according to customers’ requests.

Yes. HINGMED ABPM software is included in the ambulatory blood pressure monitor package. No need to buy it separately.

Yes. Doctors can customize the ABPM report according to their desired data points with HINGMED ABPM software.

Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP, or above versions are compatible with HINGMED ABPM software.

In oscillometric technology, the BP device measures the vibration of blood traveling through the blood vessels & converts that movement into digital readings.


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Yes. If the smartphone’s Bluetooth function is turned on, HINGMED BP monitor and App will sync automatically.

The term white coat hypertension refers to when patients get a high blood pressure reading in a doctor’s office and a normal reading at home.


Yes. 2 years warranty for the blood pressure monitors, 6 months for the cuff, and 3 months for other accessories

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