According to World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure patients have increased to 1.28 billion in the last few decades. The age groups of 30-79 years are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. But it is very unfortunate that most of the time we often don’t notice the side effects the high blood pressure and as a result, these side effects are silently killing us by damaging our brain, heart, and kidney. Wherefore, it is a best practice to keep a close eye on our blood pressure using a home use blood pressure monitoring device. By monitoring our blood pressure regularly with Hingmed Q06B and keeping track of the changes over time, we can better prepare to manage our blood pressure and overall health in long term.

How accurate are the home blood pressure monitor?

If you are purchasing a blood pressure monitor for home use it is obvious to ensure how accurate are these blood pressure monitors. Most of the time it happens that because of the inaccurate BP reading provided by the monitor impact the patients’ health severely. Nowadays, most digital blood pressure monitors are using oscillometric technology to measure blood pressure. It allows the device to compute the vibration in the blood vessel walls due to blood circulation. In 2016, a study shows that many digital BP monitors have variances of about 5mmHg with a manual sphygmomanometer. This difference can impact very dangerously patients’ health according on their condition. In Hingmed Home Use Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor- Q06B, with American free scale and oscillometric technology the difference is about ±3mmHg which is very suitable to measure accurate BP readings.

Hingmed Q06B Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

How to properly use a home blood pressure monitor?

In Many experts’ opinion, it is very essential to use your self-monitor blood pressure device in a correct way for accurate measurement. The reading can be inaccurate for the patient’s lack of knowledge and sitting posture. Every time you are taking your BP assessment make sure that you are an empty bladder, relax, and didn’t eat, exercise, or did any hard work before the measurement. It is also strictly forbidden not to drink caffeine, alcohol, or smoke 30 minutes prior to the measurement. You have to sit still and quietly with a straight body position and keep your both feet in a flat position. And it is advised that measure your BP at a fixed time every day.

How long does a home blood pressure monitor last?

While purchasing a blood pressure monitor for home diagnosis for you and your family, you are more likely to want to use plenty of it. You will look for a more suitable and robust BP monitor. And keep in mind your need, Hingmed Q06B- Upper Arm Home BP Monitor is the perfect device for you and your family. With a 1050mAh Lithium rechargeable battery, this monitor can support 120 and save up to 1000 readings. In addition, Q06B is compatible with an App. It allows you to make different profiles of your family and keep tracking their BP reading and health. The lightweight device’s 360° free wear cuff can support a 17-42 cm arm circumference. With all these advantages it is a perfect choice for single and family use.

Digital blood pressure monitors are an outstanding solution for tracking your health at home. Especially, if you are suffering from an acute condition that is necessary for daily blood pressure measurement and you have an aspiration for quick reading, good at storing data, an easy-to-use and companioned App, self-monitoring home blood pressure device Hingmed Q06B is the perfect device for you and your household.