The number of hypertension or high blood pressure patients is increasing day by day. There are multiple reasons why people are suffering from hypertension. Almost 691,095 people died in 2021 in the United States of America because of hypertension. It means with the increasing number of hypertension patient, the number of deaths are also increasing.

Uncontrolled hypertension gradually becomes the reason for deadly health concerns, and slowly, it leads to death. Men should take care of or adequately control their hypertension. A report tells that 50% of men and 44% of women suffer from hypertension. It also means both men and women almost equally suffer from hypertension. Now, there are various reasons behind the sudden increase in blood pressure.

What can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure?

The sudden increase in blood pressure is also known as a hypertensive crisis. A hypertension or high blood pressure patient should know the exact reasons for the sudden increase in blood pressure. One can identify what to do and avoid by understanding the causes. We will discuss some common reasons that increase blood pressure.

Physical activity, stress, and anxiety

Physical exercise is vital in controlling hypertension, but one must do it regularly. Sudden intensive physical exercise can increase blood pressure temporarily because it creates a sudden strain on the cardiovascular system, which elevates blood pressure suddenly. In short, physical activity is beneficial in terms of controlling hypertension, but it needs proper management; otherwise, it can play the opposite role.

Stress and anxiety play a significant role in sudden increase in blood pressure. We often get stressed or anxious for different reasons, but a regular stressful life can become the potential reason for hypertension or high blood pressure. Adrenaline is a stress hormone which can elevate blood pressure temporarily. Whenever a person faces stress, this hormone releases it, which means stress and anxiety are indirectly connected in terms of a sudden increase in blood pressure or a hypertensive crisis.

Smoking and caffeine

Many people suffer from hypertension because of uncontrolled smoking. Generally, tobacco smoke is full of different ingredients, and nicotine is one of them. Nicotine forces the human body to release adrenaline, also known as stress hormone. Adrenaline can elevate blood pressure temporarily, and regular smoking leads to hypertension. Also, the toxins harm blood vessels and reduce elasticity, which increases blood pressure.

Caffeine is influential in the nervous system because it stimulates the nervous system, increases heart rate, and narrows the blood vessels. The narrow blood vessels help blood to flow faster and create a sudden increase in blood pressure. But we often consume caffeine-based products without knowing the after-effects. People who are suffering from hypertension should avoid or control caffeinated foods.


Lack of water consumption or dehydration makes the blood more viscous, which makes it difficult for the heart to pump, and it increases blood pressure. Also, it plays a negative role in stroke volume because reduced stroke volume hampers the human body’s mechanism to maintain blood pressure.

Also, enough water consumption helps the human body maintain an ideal temperature. Lack of water increases heat in the human body, which dilates the surface of the skin and becomes the reason for lower blood pressure. But, constant dehydration can be turned into high blood pressure or hypertension.

Sodium intake and alcohol consumption

High consumption of sodium or sodium intake can increase blood pressure or create a hypertensive crisis. Sodium intake increases water retention in the human body, increasing blood volume. All these things can increase blood pressure, especially for people sensitive to sodium. Both hypertension patients and ordinary people should take the recommended amount of sodium to avoid sudden increases in blood pressure.

On the other hand, excessive consumption of alcohol can become the reason for a sudden increase in blood pressure. Initially, consumption of alcohol relaxes blood vessels, but overconsumption constricts blood vessels and raises the pressure. In summary, adhering to moderate or recommended alcohol consumption is beneficial for overall cardiovascular health, whereas overeating can have the opposite effect.

These are the common reasons behind the sudden increase in blood pressure. Without these reasons, there are some exceptional cases, too, such as people who are suffering from kidney problems or hormonal disorders can face sudden increases in blood pressure.

Also, people who are already suffering from hypertension may face sudden increases in blood pressure more frequently than others. However, it is possible to control the frequency of sudden increases in blood pressure or hypertensive crisis by proper health management.

How to lower sudden spikes in blood pressure

There are many reasons behind sudden spikes in blood pressure, and we have already discussed some common reasons. You can control sudden increases in blood pressure by following different techniques. If you face a sudden rise in blood pressure, stay calm and take a deep breath slowly. These deep breathing processes will relax your mind and reduce stress so that the blood pressure will decrease.

You can avoid sudden blood pressure spikes by properly exercising regularly. Avoid consuming alcohol if possible or consume limitedly. Remember to drink enough water daily or constantly try to be hydrated to support your overall cardiovascular health. Maintain a balanced diet, avoid overconsumption of sodium-based foods, and try to eat potassium-based fruits for better results.

People who are already suffering from hypertension should follow these things because they often face sudden spikes in blood pressure than ordinary people. If you’re not satisfied with the results, then you should consult with a healthcare professional so they can treat you better. In short, regular monitoring and some lifestyle changes can create a significant difference in the long run if you are a sufferer.

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Best blood pressure monitor to measure sudden increase in blood pressure.

Generally, one can understand the level of blood pressure by monitoring it. Nowadays, blood pressure monitoring has become an easy thing. There are different blood pressure monitors available in the market for various purposes. There are blood pressure monitors for hospital use and home use.

The Hingmed WBP-02A is an Ambulatory blood pressure monitor, especially for hospitals. It can generate more accurate results than others, essential for treating sudden increases in blood pressure. Now, we will discuss how Hingmed WBP-02A helps a doctor to get precise results.

Why should you choose Hingmed WBP-02A?

Hingmed is a Chinese company widely known for its innovative inventions. They dominate the market of blood pressure monitors both domestically and globally. You can find multiple brands in the market, but it is essential to choose the reliable one, and Hingmed is one of them. Here are the reasons why you should select Hingmed WBP-02A

● It Is a 24-hour Ambulatory blood pressure monitor. An ambulatory blood pressure monitor has a cuff that inflates automatically to measure blood pressure.

● It is a 24-hour process that produces accurate readings, and doctors can treat and understand the condition of blood pressure better with the help of it.

● It is an Ambulatory blood pressure monitor, but surprisingly, it is lighter than other manufacturers. It is only 105g, making it more convenient to carry.

● It comes with a dust-proof leather cuff, water-repellent and dirt-resistant. Another reason you should consider it is its versatile cuff size, which ranges from small to extra large. Cuff adjustment is essential to produce accurate results.

● It is a validated Ambulatory blood pressure monitor from ESH or the European Society of Hypertension.

● A 1000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it, providing 200 readings on a single charge.

● Oscillometric technology, Double Pressure sensor, Motion tolerance technology, etc., unitedly helps this device to produce accurate results without compromising consistency.