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Affordable for every hospital, clinic, and medical practice to have the very best equipment, supplies, and service.

Founded Since 2014

About Hingmed

Hingmed Medical is a medical instrument company mainly focused on blood pressure monitoring, respiratory technology, and product with a dynamic R&D team and years of experience. Our products are profoundly innovative and recognized by professional organizations including ESH, Dabl Educational Trust, STRIDE BP, etc.

As a blood pressure monitor factory, we manufacture under a strict quality control system. We believe that each product is our business card and a symbol of our reputation.

Our vision is “Let everyone more healthy”, and our mission is “providing high-end BP and respirator technology and product, to let people more healthy”

Strong R&D team

  • Why Hingmed is your trusted blood pressure monitor factory?
    Because that Hingmed’s strong R&D team consists of 35 engineers. They are doctors, graduate students, senior engineers, and engineers. Some of them have returned from studying abroad, and some have served in listed companies. All the engineers insist that quality is life.

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