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Hospital Blood Pressure Monitor Manufacturer
Clinical & Accurate


As an innovative blood pressure monitor manufacturer, we move with advanced technology and ever-improving user experience.


Recommended by dabl@ Educational Trust & STRID BP.


ISO13485 Certificate;ESH validation,CE


Clinical Digital Blood Pressure Monitors we manufactured, WIFI transfer data.

The whole measurement process takes 25-30 seconds around. Two air pumps are used alternately to ensure more than 100,000 times product cycle life.

ABP-03 (24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor)

Hingmed ABP-03 digital blood pressure monitor is a fully-fledged 24-hour ABPM, By providing valuable BP readings & pulse rate readings, and working with Hingmed PC software, ABP-03 helps doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis.
And not only ABP03 but also all monitors produced by Hingmed blood pressure monitor manufacturer can do a favor to your health.

Q06B(Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor supply)

Automatic sync BP readings to a smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing easier blood pressure monitoring.

Hingmed Medical is a blood pressure monitor company mainly focused on Ambulatory blood pressure monitor(ABPM), Blood pressure kiosk, and products with a dynamic R&D team and years of experience.

Shenzhen Hingmed Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with headquartered in Shenzhen. We are a high-tech company focusing on solving chronic diseases with years of R&D experience. Our philosophy is to provide a superior user experience through continuous innovation.

As one of the best Blood Pressure Monitor Manufacturers in China, we focus on blood pressure measurement and respirator leading-edge technology and products with a dynamic team and creative culture to obtain the most accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements. Besides, with our 24-hour home & medical supply blood pressure monitor attitude. We believe in creating a more confident, informed, healthy way of living.

As a global company, we’ve defined the path to better living through research, industry-leading innovation, and proven education strategies. Our vision is “Let everyone more healthy”, and our mission is “provide high-end BP and respiratory technology”.

WHY Hingmed

What makes Hingmed special

Products Diversity

Hingmed specializes in ABPM devices, blood pressure kiosks, and ventilators.

Extensive Certifications

Hingmed holds numerous prestigious certifications, including CE, FDA, ISO 13485, etc.

Endorsed by Organizations

Hingmed meets clinical verification standards from ESH, BIHS, STRIDE BP, and the Dabl Educational Trust.

Innovation Patents

Hingmed has over 50 patents for appearance, design, utility models, and software.

Strong R&D Team

Hingmed employs about 70 people, with over 20 senior engineers, 3 PhDs, 3 algorithm engineers, and several graduate students.


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